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  1. I personally dislike the cable management on this. I had a desk with the cable holes off in the corners like that and it's just nonsense. As for fitting your case— sure the depth of wider part of the L is greater than the depth of your PC case by about 4 inches. You could use a PC stand/under desk mount if you don't want it sitting on carpet or whatever your floor is. That lateral support beam might get in the way a bit, but maybe not a showstopper.
  2. Minor note on this video— Linus mentions that: This is width × height × 32 bits-per-pixel. To support bloom and other HDR post processing effects like eye adaptation— a triple-A game is likely using an RGBA half precision framebuffer with 16 bits per color totaling 64 bpp. Tack on another 24 bits depth + 8 bits stencil, an RG16 buffer for velocity vectors, another 32bpp buffer for normals, maybe another for specular or whatever else. At 8k you would practically be pushing a full gigabyte per frame to get all the data needed to compose the final image. That's pretty wild and you're defi
  3. Not every game is built to be multithreaded and utilize all cores. It's common for some games to be all one thread, or one main thread + one render thread. New fancy games on modern engines with Job Systems can go wide across cores better. DOOM Eternal as an example, is entirely "job-ified" and apparently has no dedicated main thread for the game loop, so it might be a good game to see how well your CPU performs with parallelization.
  4. Where are you measuring that 25%? If you're looking at Task Manager, that is probably the utilization % not speed. If you're just idling with Task Manager open, 25% utilization is quite high and you might have some background apps running. If you want to see that number go up: make your CPU work, run Cinebench or a game or something. Edit: misread, you mean the protein folding app you're using is maxing out at 25%, derp my bad. Sounds like it could be 100% usage of 1 core, so yeah it's not working your whole CPU. Not an issue of speed or with your CPU, but the app isn't spinni
  5. Could also be an issue with populating all 4 slots. 20GB is a weird number to end up at because it's not a power of 2, so I'm guessing you have a mismatch of sizes, maybe a mismatch of speeds too? Try taking two of the DIMMs of the same size and 1600mHz speed, and running just those installed in the A2 and B2 slots (2nd and 4th) and see what speed is reported.
  6. Sounds like a corrupt shader cache and you're being forced to recompile shaders more often than you need to something. Some users have reported disabling Shader Cache for Rocket League in their Nvidia Control Panel resolves loading issues. I would start there and see if that helps. The Epic version may use its own shader cache or something and the two competing systems are constantly clobbering each other with different hashes, cache miss causes shader recompiles, and load times are increased.
  7. Ahh sorry it's an AMD CPU, not sure what the equivalent feature is called. Take a look at the manual for your board on the ASUS website. Looks like there is a Memory Frequency setting in the AI Tweaker tab of the BIOS.
  8. Have you tried enabling XMP in your BIOS settings?
  9. Have you done much programming? If you find you have an aptitude or liking for it, I can tell you that life as a software engineer can be pretty great. I went the route of post secondary education, but I know people who are primarily self taught and now work as Senior Engineers (5+ years into their careers). Maybe run through some intro python/javascript type stuff to get a feel for it and see if it's something you could imagine doing as a day job. Bonus points if you enjoy programming outside of work— engineers who continue practicing and learning in their spare time tend to have accelerated
  10. I think a few variables have been omitted here and the question admittedly isn't super clear, but I'm going to interpret it as best as I can and try it out: Let's start with our photo of the sun. I think this photo in visible light with solar filter is a good choice. Obviously it doesn't really look like the sun, but captured with your average camera there are all sorts of lens flares, overloading the camera's sensor and HDR capabilities etc. So we'll stick with this super scientific photo. Now the display. I'm just searching Amazon for 8k monitor and taking the first result,
  11. To be fair, I see those Dyson vacuums on there and they are dope. Definitely not PC parts and lame to see on the site, but hey if your home office has carpet, highly recommend a Dyson— lol
  12. Oof yeah. How did I miss these filters. Won't be buying anything from newegg again without these checked on.
  13. I just learned the hard way that newegg does not actually fulfill all orders— I didn't realize it's a marketplace like Amazon where you have to be careful of who you're buying from. I ordered a 32GB (16x2) kit of Corsair Vengeance RAM and instead seem to have received two separate kits of a Chinese market Corsair 1x16, a completely different model number than my order, and not on the QVL for my board. Unsurprisingly, my machine would not post with even one of these modules, let alone a dual channel config like I wanted. I think you could pick these for about $40 USD on AliExpress, compared to
  14. I just picked up a StarTech SV231DPDDUA2 to connect two displays and a set of USB peripherals to my work and home PCs. The USB peripherals are intermittently disconnecting only on the home PC. It feels like an incredibly slow mouse polling rate, keys getting stuck down, or neither mouse/keyboard responding at all. The KVM has 4 USB inputs: 1 mouse, 1 keyboard, and 2 general USB hub. StarTech's Troubleshooting suggests trying the non device specific ports for these sorts of issues, but nothing has worked. I've tried a few different mice and keyboards as well (mostly gaming periphera