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  1. it for sure is, not worried about the cost but I just don't want THEM seeing what its worth lol
  2. Seagate (old old old school one) no it wont read at all
  3. OK so who cares about hard drives right?? WELLLL this one happens to have a decent amount of bitcoin on it... its old like from when BTC was basically pocket change. ANDDD its clicking. Normally when this happens we junk em, but in this case.. anyone have any ideas? I'd really like to not lose this BTC This is so important I actually messaged Linus himself lol
  4. Just tried it again, back to back. Afterburner off / Closed its about 178 less... minute later with it on 178 MORE.. its no doubt the Afterburner but how?
  5. i7 8750 HP on an HP laptop (my understanding NOT overclockable)
  6. no I let IT do all of it, I did it the lazy way
  7. Thats what is confusing me, it shouldnt change the Cinebench what so ever but it is.. every time
  8. So I used the auto feature on MSI afterburner which I'm told is ONLY for GPU, sooooo why did it raise my Cinebench by about 150? and yes I have tested it 20 times, no Afterburner im 150 points less, with it im +150. Sooo does Afterburner now do CPU as well? or goes GPU affect cinebench23?