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  1. So, should i get the bloody a91 which has laser optical switches, or the hyperx which has mechanical switches. I am extremely worried of double clicking but the hyperx mouse is lighter, the bloody is heavier. however the bloody has much better feet but the hyperx has decent feet and much better sidebuttons.
  2. Bloody is an amazing brand, its owned by A4Tech, their mice are very good price to performance all around europe a lot of my friends own them is just the fact that its 150g kinda worries me. however the g502 is 120g and the hyperx is 90g so there is a 30g difference between all of them so its gonna feel weird at first till i get used to them no matter which one i pick. and for some reason something tells me to get the bloody mice instead.
  3. the hyperx has mechanical switches, but they are not omrons. They are TTC Silver which tech powerup said can perform better than even some high end mice. all i want is no double clicking and idk how much i can trust any review again.
  4. yes but the bloody mouse has their x glide feet shit which make it as smooth as a 80g mouse, i can get used to the weight my biggest issue is double clicking. i dont want that shit to ever happen again.
  5. it costs just as much as a new mouse to solder new switches onto it. and i have no experience with solder nor should the customer have to solder switches on a 100 euro fucking mouse. delivery prices here are shit and its not worth it, currently i barely have enough money for those 2 mice.
  6. yeah exactly but it has infra-red optical switches. which they say there is absolutely no double clicking
  7. Mate, i sold it for 20$, i found 2 mice that i want and dont know which to get. hyperx pulsefire core or bloody a91. i dont have the budget for that now if i did i wouldnt even have came here
  8. Fuck logitech and all their mice. im never buying any forcefed bullshit ever again from them that fucking g502 was only 1 year old! 1 fucking year and the switches already almost dead! 50m clicks my ass. I should have bought the razer basilisk v2 instead but back then i was dumb and easily influenced. everyone said that the g502 is the "best gaming mouse" or other bullshit. the use the d2fc-f-7n chinese omrons. they are shit and they use those on almost all their mice
  9. Can't really help with anything but ik that board is not really the best bang for your buck.
  10. So yeah i managed to fix it temporarely and sold it to someone for 20 dollars. I need a new mouse and i found 2 perfect mice that suit my needs but i cant decide which one i want. the biggest difference is that one has infra-red switches like razers (Bloody A91), while the hyperx pulsefire core has TTC Silver switches that last 20m clicks. Thank fuck they are not omrons! I hate double clicking and ive almost always had double clicking mouse. i would go for the bloody a91 but its 150g, coming from a g502 user heavy mice isnt much of an issue but my god that sounds heavy. even tho they have x gl
  11. I think i will buy an asus chakram core, its very similar to my g502 hero and cheaper and has hot swappable switches aswell.
  12. Yeah ik, only few brands use their own switches like steelseries for example however i rather just grab a cheap asus gladious 2 or impact strix 2 and be able to swap the switches out whenever they break. And apparently most logitech g mice use their shit ass chinese omron switches.
  13. Mates i found a solution and a cheap one even! the ASUS ROG Strix Impact II it has hot swappable switches for gods sake. thats something every mouse should however it is only compatible with a few omron switches but atleast i dont have to solder shit to fix it.
  14. Sure ill send it to their stupid warranty if i still have that card or something shit i bought it from the store i dont remember where the card is anymore but i still need a new mouse asap. and something with clicks that last longer than 1 and a half years.
  15. Yeah but theres literally no point in doing that since it will just break again in 1 more year and by then warranty be gon.