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  1. Ok so I’m macruim it is copy the entire disk partition including the free space. How do I make macruim just copy the used space of the partition
  2. But how do I get macruim says there isn’t enough room even though there is. Is there a box I need to check because I am using less than 250 gigs on the current drive
  3. Sure I inserted the drive into the laptop, I opened up the software EaseUS and cloned. That worked but it only Cloned the C drive and not the other partitions l. When I used aemois a few days ago for my desktop it simply cloned the drive and I was able to unplug the old and use the new cloned one. Aemois makes you pay if you are going from mbr to gpt. I then I tried formatting the drive and using macrium but is said there wasn’t enough capacity but I am only using 100gigs on the 1tb drive so there should be enough plenty of space
  4. i did my desktop and went from 1tb to 500 gig with no problems.
  5. I used that but it says i dont have enough space? its a 256 Gig and and the hard drive is 1tb but I'm only using like 100 gigs of it
  6. I got Macrium but it is saying there i not enough space to clone. I am only using like 100gigs of the 1TB hard drive that im trying to copy
  7. U used EaseUS but it didnt copy all the partitions so the drive doesnt boot
  8. I want to clone i believe.
  9. What is the best FREE cloning software that will transfer everything inlcuing the booting software
  10. Ok so there are not any partitions so it only copied part of the drive. Is there a better FREE software that will allow me to copy the entire hard drive in one shot