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  1. i've seen people saying that for example Detroit Become Human is a game that works better with multithread...that's why i brought cpu upgrade to the table here in Brazil i can find all these new gpus but the price is obviously high but i'm not hopeful that prices will fall anytime soon i have plans for 1440 in the future and that's why if i buy a GPU i will buy a gpu that works very very good on 1080p and in the future in 1440p it would still be good for at least gaming on high... but 1440p is still far away for me, so in this moment i'd like to focus on what would give m
  2. Guys, good afternoon! I'm in doubt of what should I put as a priority for upgrading my PC: CPU or GPU my specs are i5 8600k and GPU a Vega 56 Nitro + I play in 1080p. Or I upgrade the CPU to an 8700k or the GPU for any of the new RTX 3XXX or RX 6XXX At 1080p, which would be more advantageous in my setup? I imagined that it would be the CPU because the 8600k has 6/6 and the 8700k has 6/12, I imagine that multithread would help more than a new gpu for the current resolution that I play. What do you think?
  3. here's a video with the graphic of Frametime you can see it happens in same places, and i dont know if its normal all that "little" spikes all the time is there a software i could use that can help me determine what specific hardware part is faulty or there isnt?
  4. Hello guys! So lately i've been with an annoying problem when playing games in my PC and this is driving me crazy what happens is that i'm having some "microstutters" and some weird fps drops while gaming. I've been told that RAM might be causing this... first of all, my specs: i5 8600k 4.7ghz Rx Vega 56 Nitro+ OC'd 16 GB Ram DDR4 on 3200mhz EVGA 650GQ Here are some videos to show what happens: here you can see a fps drop on Detroit Become Human in 00:09 seconds and another in 00:12 here you can see fps drop on 00:03 and in 00:1
  5. here are all my 4 videos of this frame time spikes happening. hope it helps... here you can see a fps drop on Detroit Become Human in 00:09 seconds and another in 00:12 here you can see fps drop on 00:03 and in 00:13 here you can see fps drops on 00:05 here you can see fps drops on 00:02 I dont know what to do anymore. i've tested both my rams, they both ok took down all overclocks (cpu, ram and gpu) and it still happened. installed the games on another
  6. So i did some test with the RAM, and nothing changed. i started the pc only with 1 stick of 8gb, happened anyway then started the pc with only the other stick of 8gb, still happened. changed slots, nothing happened. guess RAM is ok... i really dont want to fresh install windows again
  7. ye i've already done this driver reinstall today like 5 times. DDU first and then amd cleanup utility but dont change a thing. i'll try ram test tomorrow. Here is another video to help even more: you can see the fps drops from 100+ to 73 causing this ...stutter? i dont know how this is called...is it stutter or lag? or neither? lol
  8. I recorded this lag that is happening to me in almost every game. you can see it lagging right after i jump with the blue platform. i've already changed every setting on this game (also happens in Detroit become human) what hardware must be causing this? a i5 8600k, rx vega 56 and 16gb ram ddr4 can't run Ori and will of the wisps without laggings? how? i really need to know what hardware is fcking me up so i can change it obs: i did a heaven benchmark yesterday and it was very good. but from time to time i had this "microstutter" for like less than a s
  9. i closed the Kaspersky program and didnt use Afterburner. Still happening. one thing to mention is that in this game it always happen in the same spot. If i walk again in the same spots that the stutter happened in the video, it happens AGAIN. is not just once bad thing is that it isnt only in this game. Even in Ori and Will of the Wisps this happens sometimes. Its so damn annoying
  10. Hello everyone! I have small stuttering happening in my games for a while now...i dont know what can i do to fix this my spec: i5 8600k 4.7ghz Rx Vega 56 Nitro+ OC'd 16 GB Ram DDR4 on 3200mhz (XMP on bios) EVGA 650GQ i recorded it happening on Detroit Become Human with my phone to show you guys what really happens... In this video i removed RAM Overclock (So it was on 2133mhz - dual channel) and GPU Overclock. You can see it happening in 00:03 and 00:14 you can see the fps dropping to 60 and cpu usage going a little higher What could be causing this? Its r
  11. Here it is. 2 prints of 2 differenet places in the game with all core usage on Afterburner. Their usage seems normal i guess, lower than i expected...
  12. Hi everyone! I really need your help... Lately I have been realizing that I am having lower FPS than I should have in some games First of all, my pc is: Vega 56 Sapphire Nitro + OC'd and Undervolted a little Intel i5 8600k OC 4.7ghz 16GB Ram DDR4 EVGA 650GQ On Ori and the Will of the Wisps, at different moments in the game, I realized that the game lost its fluidity. Even with a good Monitor, Freesync enabled and a GPU/CPU combo that should be hanging this game pretty well I noticed that my max FPS were not that high (something like 130) and all the time it drops to 70 and then t