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    Chrismike got a reaction from dglt in PCB of Gigabyte aorus rtx 3070 8gb master   
    The pads are good still, the block and its fins are good, radiator’s good and also the pump is still good. 1month in and did a quality inspection it may be too soon, but had to take my rig apart sooner than expected. Anyway, so far so good. No sediments/unwanted stuff in the drained fluid as well btw.
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    Chrismike reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Synology ds220+ security software   
    Just saying, hidden network is less secure. Its easy to spot if your looking for it, and devices will broadcast the hidden network name if they can't find it
    Synology has the antivirus, nice to have to make sure you don't get a torrent with a virus. Won't protect it, but will keep your windows systems safer.
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    Chrismike reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Synology ds220+ security software   
    You probably don't need any additional security software. 
    Id put the antivirus on the software just to make sure there isn't any malware in your torrents.
    Id say a big worry is hiding torrent use from your ISP if they care as they can be picky are torrent traffic.
    Just saying, not very secure, those are super easy to spoof and get valid ones. Ive done this many times to get on to networks(in a lab enviroment)
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    Chrismike reacted to Jeo228 in Pc wont boot: Fans spin, bios updated, ram/PS fine   
    Thank you Orion. I have no idea how it didnt work after being reset 3 times but I guess 4th times a charm!
    Gonna fix up everything and try again when its all put together again to make sure
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    Chrismike reacted to SorryClaire in NAS for icloud and google drive replacement   
    Obvious. Google drive can do their own redundancy, but when youre doing your own backup,youre thinking about it yourself. I would consider RAID 1 if youre on a budget or as @Naijinsays, RAID 5 on a multiplication of 4 HDD. But mind you, youll need a box that supports raid 5 out of the box or get a computer and a PCI-E HBA card that supports it.
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    Chrismike reacted to Naijin in NAS for icloud and google drive replacement   
    If you use 1 drive for your ENTIRE backup and the drive fails, all your backup is gone.
    For backup, I never use a single drive. Currently using a RAID5 array for my home backup, as I have a lot of GoPro files and the entire photo collection for my parents is stored on it as well. Can't afford to lose any data and playing it safe.
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    Chrismike got a reaction from Mark Kaine in Best way to watercool a Gigabyte 3070?   
    Well the backplate you really can’t use the old one since the old one’s as long as the heatsink’s fins. So it will over extend the block and won’t look nice 😁. As for it being a necessity....well it will look better to have one. But not really necessary since it won’t be thermally connected to anything. Well it’s cheap so i bought it still 😂

    as for what you’d need.... i opted for soft tube 10inner and 16 outer diameter.  As for the fittings, completely your call. Just make a sketch for case and layout. And you’d pretty much be able to make a good guesstimate how many 90/45degree fittings you’d need. Just be careful.... fittings there are pretty cheap, but you’d be shocked at checkout 😂
    i bought extra fittings myself to be on the safe side but found out that it’s not really necessary. Well i did buy an awful lot. So....maybe an extra piece or pair of each would be enough. 
    i did buy 4 times the length of tube than what’s necessary, and i found that beneficial.
    They don’t ship fluids so i bought mine from ekwb. 1 bottle is enough. I only used 50ml of the 100ml concentrate. I bought 4!!!!! Shelf life is 2 years. Now I’m trying to sell 2 of them through ebay 😂 so just buy one concentrate. My loop is only about 300ml in total. 
    as for the installation. Dismantle everything. Wet the rubber seals when reinstalling them. Wet all the rubber seals when installing the fittings as well. Even the pump....make sure to wet the rubber when putting the pump back together before actually using it.
     Be very careful when tightening the screws of the acrylics. It’s not about the force you apply. But more about contact. Imagine your faucet. You don’t really have to put that much effort shutting the faucet off right? Same thing. You might break the acrylic. Clean the rad(youtube). Take pictures of your gpu when dismantling it... For future reference. Label the screws that you took off your card, again for future reference.
    when installing the tubes.... wear rhe tubes a bit before mounting it to the components. I mean....the tubes may be a bit too rigid to put on the fittings that are on the components. A slight slip might damage the acrylic. So.... off of the components.... pre mount the tube to a fitting a couple or so times before actually mounting it to the fitting that’s connected to the component to make it easier. So that the opening won’t be too rigid. You’d know what i mean once you have it.
    plan where to put your drain valve. 

    the block’s intervals are copper so use a copper rad. And brass fittings.
    other than that it’s fairly simple really. A bit overwhelming but once you start doing it, it really isn’t. Well it also depends how well you did your sketch 🤓
    ALSO BEFORE BUYING chat with shop. They could put in additional discount upon checkout. The agent talked me into using aliexpress premium. Was worth it. Well it’s dhl, but comparing to the other shipping methods they have, dhl’s great.
    Edit: added the pcb with the backplate still attached.

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    Chrismike got a reaction from Mark Kaine in Best way to watercool a Gigabyte 3070?   
    Well to be fair, there is a gpu block for the 3070s. I todered one from bykski off of aliexpress. Took 3 weeks to arrive though, well,,,it may not be for everyone.
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    Chrismike reacted to Umeshwarnath in Pcie 4 nvme m.2 gaming part time mining rig   
    Let me ask you this, was the drive in the slot right underneath your 3070? Or on the slot on top?
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    Chrismike reacted to LazyTurtle1990 in NZXT H710 vs Corsair 4000D Airflow   
    I have NZXT H710 not the I version, so I don't have the fan hub. 
    My MB is: ASUS ROG Strix B550 -F Gaming WiFi, so I don't have plenty with fan headers 😛 (3 + CPU header+CPU_opt+AIO header). 
    RAD is on top of case, with fans as exhaust in pull config (I think), (on top of the rad). 
    GPU temps, have I never seen over 63C when gaming, and last I gamed, was Cyberpunk with High/ Ultra setting, RTX deactivated and DLSS activated, in 1440p. 
    Rear fan is connected directly in Cha_fan 3. 
    Exhaust fans on rad 3x is connected via splitter in Cha_fan 1
    Rad/ pump is connected to AIO fan header on MB, and sata power
    Intake fans 3x is connected via splitter in Cha_fan2
    If I understund you correct, the exhaust fans should have a higher speed than the intake, cause of negative pressure? 
    One thing that is pretty confusing, is when the CPU is not at much load, HWInfo64, ASUS Fan Xpert 4, Ryzen Master, NZXT CAM software all report different temps on the CPU. ASUS Fan Xpert is what I use to set the fan curves. 
    I can choose following source in fan xpert 4 for thermal sources for my fans: "CPU", "MotherBoard", "Chipset", "GPU". 
    I have 2 free fan headers on my MB for now (CPU fan header and CPU OPT), I can connect two of my front fans to those. (But CPU_opt is using same setting as CPU fan. So I don't think I have enough headers, to use all 3 fans in front to different sources. Two of them need same source 🙂 Which source should the bottom fan have?
    I haven't bought the 4000D yet, but considering it, cause the phanteks P400/ P500 never are in stock 😅
    H710 was one of few cases that was in stock when I bought my parts, and I would have it in a case😆
    Also, room temp is 25-26C. Its pretty warm room. 
    I've taken off the front panel of my case (H710) and took it for a ride in Cinebench R23 10.min CU multi core, and it seems to drop around 2C, from when I had the front panel mounted. That said, I never removed the dust filter. Then my PC would be full of dust 😛  I'v found that HWinfo64 gives a good feedback for temps, and it is equal to ryzen master when it's on full load. 
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    Chrismike reacted to LazyTurtle1990 in NZXT H710 vs Corsair 4000D Airflow   
    Thermal paste was pre applied from NZXT. I build it myself. The fans on the cooler is Noctua NF A12x25. So they should be pretty good 🙂 
    The build is about a month old, but the GPU is about a week old. 
    But ryzen master reports higher temps than ASUS Fan Xpert 4 does. Right now master changes between 43-46C, but Fan Xpert says 41. 
    As for now my computer uses VLC media player and plays 720P, Chrome with 15tabs, Task manager, Fan Xpert, Windows explorer and Spotify open. 
    And plex media server, MSI afterburner, OneDrive, NZXT Cam, Razer Synapse, ASUS GPU tweak II, in the background. 
    My 3 intake fans in front of the case is on the same speed for now, and is totaly like the exhaust fans in the top of the case. Should intake fans maybe have a higher rpm on lower temperatures than my exhaust fans? 
    The exhaust fan in the rear is now set to only react to GPU temp from 40C and up. 
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    Chrismike reacted to Calidus in Pcie 4 nvme m.2 gaming part time mining rig   
    Someone else can chime in if they no better but from my understanding of ssds, the temperature even though high doesn't go near the limits so I doubt that was the cause and the TBW should be way higher then what you have written to it. So sounds like it was faulty, I'd RMA it.
    I dunno about the whole heat spreader situation, these drives come with a copper based one right? If so are you using another one on top of that? If not and it's just your motherboards m.2 heatsinks, I don't think that's an issue either.
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    Chrismike got a reaction from Master Disaster in 5600X wont boot out of BIOS with UEFI, with CSM no info available   
    Agree 🙂 i meant enable it first and go into windows and check his system first
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    Chrismike reacted to bowrilla in Help with gpu liquid cooling build price   
    Not sure how the US handles this but in Europe duties and taxes may apply to orders from AliExpress and that might just push the price into the realms of components from EK, Watercool and Corsair.
    Pump res and block are not that much cheaper, fittings aren't either as long as you go for the EK classic line or similar (Alphacool is also interesting, so might be XSPC). The ball valve actually seems pretty expensive even but then the radiators are dirt cheap.
    Oh and to be honest: you're already paying that much that I'd just add teh CPU. CPU blocks even from EK or Watercool aren't that expensive and 2 fittings aren't either.
    I'd also be careful with those displays on terminals or inline sensors: to my knowledge burn in can often happen easily - and the information aren't useful on a display but on a fan and pump controller that regulates fan speed according to coolant temps.
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    Chrismike got a reaction from Mengteezy in Always ON VGA Led Light   
    kind of, i was testing something out with my gpu power and noticed it by chance.
    anyway first, make sure your gpu is properly seated. better yet just replace them. and the other is, make sure the power for your gpu is properly connected as well. in my case, i was testing my pcie power when i noticed the light being on. turns out that plugging only one 8pin pcie power doesn't provide enough power to the GPU causing the LED light to be on.
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    Chrismike reacted to xenic in Rtx 3070 aorus master liquid cooling byksbi   
    I have experience with the brand, but not with particular waterblock. 
    They offer quality products and I would recommend them
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    Chrismike got a reaction from Sport Driver in AIO vs AIR   
    oh you bought the case all ready. well... it's available for a reason 🤣 anyway, these worked for me:
    1. no additional fans cpu gets 5-10c warmer but better gpu.
    2. just install 1 front fan (the upper one only). if you install a fan at the lower part, it messes with the airflow for the GPU. because the air coming in from the pci slots are interfering and disrupts the airflow altogether.