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  1. oh and btw, if you need the the rgb fusion, when uninstalling the launch app, it will ask if you'd like to remove all of its components: select no for that, if you'd prefer.
  2. it's the easytune. are you using the siv for fan control? if yes but already unistalled easy tune. re-install everything first. there's actually 2 easytune. one is for the overclocking-thingy and the other for system monitoring (like for the SIV). so, re-install launch app. and see if SIV is running. if it is, uninstall it. then uninstall the easy tune through the launch app. and then uninstall the 2nd easy tune through the add/remove programs. and then just uninstall launch app. if you need the rgb fusion, it could run properly without the launch app. actually it runs better as a stand-alone(
  3. Hola! i know we're all still waiting for ek's release of these active backplates. But, would you guys know or have any idea if the GPUs that comes with a pre-installed waterblock (like this aorus xtreme waterforce), would it be compatible with the EK's active back plate, or would we still have to buy the front waterblock as well?
  4. The pads are good still, the block and its fins are good, radiator’s good and also the pump is still good. 1month in and did a quality inspection it may be too soon, but had to take my rig apart sooner than expected. Anyway, so far so good. No sediments/unwanted stuff in the drained fluid as well btw.
  5. LOL makes sense.....just thought (because i don't have any waterforce cards yet), just thought and assumed they would be using the same waterblock for both the aio design and those for custom loops one.
  6. I KNOW I KNOW, RIGHT!? so, why the aluminum radiator though? there are mixed publications from gigabyte which are confusing. oh thanks for responding by the way.
  7. guys to add.... i did find in the aorus/gigabyte website (GIGABYTE Announces AORUS XTREME GeForce RTX™ 30 Series WATERFORCE graphics card | News - GIGABYTE Global), it mentions there "The sunk-designed copper micro fins also shorten the heat conduction path from the GPU". which confused me because in the specs it has an aluminum radiator, though! the aluminum radiator one is for the waterforce that comes with an AIO. or is that the thing? The one that has an AIO is an aluminum built, and the one without an AIO are intended for enthusiasts who normally has a copper loop design?
  8. hello everyone =) has anyone found out what type of waterblock the xtreme waterforce 3090 has, if it's copper, brass or aluminum? i'm referring to the xtreme waterforce without the AIO. Correct me if i'm wrong, please: i have a copper rad. having a brass plated block or a copper block, is ok for a copper loop right? it's just if other metal is aluminum is the problem. is my understanding correct? thanks in advanced! chris
  9. yes...but not for long. i bought several thermalrights at the time. but since i'd be dismantling it after a few months, decided to use the ones that came with it first. anyway, they're fine. will find out if it will actually improve after i replace them.
  10. It's great. it's hitting the 3 month mark very soon. i will take it apart very soon just to see how things are hanging inside. but parameters are very impressive. will update this thread after, so that a proper review will be given for this water block.
  11. Oh hope it’s an honest mistake in listing. I’m actually referring to counterfeit/fake/imitation cards. Like those listed as 3090 at incredulously low prices. If you’re lucky it will just not be recognized as the specific model, but as just a plug n play display driver. Other cases, it fries up the board. was actually considering of buying a 3080 just for the heck of it. Worse thing that could happen is, I’d get a brick card. Or so i thought. Try YouTubing fake gpu off of ebays. I’m from the Philippines. The amazon we have here is called Lazada. Another is aliexpress. Try to search
  12. Lab environment.....right thanks! Appreciate that heads up. Hmm ye i suppose. But it’s just for local security tho. I mean so no one else could log into my network through wifi. In the unlikely event they see my hidden network and network key. as for the torrent and isp. No, I don’t think it’s in my ISPs priorities right now. They’restill busy expanding and housing in clients as for the antivirus on the software.... you’re referring to the synology’s OS/VM/LINUX/VM Right? I will install the antivirus through the GUI, and not install those in my mac and windows pc r
  13. Hey guys so, I’m wondering of further utilizing my ds220+‘S download station, and some torrenting. Will installing third party security/antivirus softwares be necessary? Unit hasn’t arrived still so I can’t get to fully grasp the picture. Hard to do researching through YouTube etc. anyway additional info below: Router is a tp-link archer with some good security measures(mcafee if i remember correctly). router’s access control is set to registered MAC addresses for wifi clients. network is for family use only, accessing nas over the internet as cloud a