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  1. Ok thanks...i will probably get a dt880 edition 250 ohm, a fiio e10k (should be enough i dont crank the volume anyway, if its not enough ill send it back and get a k5 pro) and a mod mic usb
  2. Ok thanks For Gpu pricing: im planning to carry over my rx 480 for the moment, thats why the 3060 non ti is in there. Would buy the Gpu when the prices get back to normal or i can even get one....
  3. Music Production in Ableton so sound design, mixing, mastering etc
  4. Im not really a professional so would you say a 770 with 80 ohms would be accurate enough? And i saw that the dt 990 are also 250 ohm so i prob couldnt drive them either right? My current headphones have 60 ohms so 80 ohms should be fine to drive... The only reason i liked the 990 more than the 770 was the open back design.
  5. Thanks I was wondering if a 5600x is worth the higher price...a 3600 is under 200€ here and a 5600x would be 350€ if you can even get one... Yes i know pcpartpicker but i prefered to write it down here because i can list multiple choices and add comments. Sry
  6. Hey guys, I'm currently using a pretty dated rig with 2x Xeon 2440 and Rx480 (wich sometimes crashes) and Oem Motherboard, Oem Psu etc. so im looking to start from scratch. Budget: 1000-1500€ (Germany) Use: Work, Music Production, Gaming Programs: Ableton Games: Rainbow, World of Warships, Witcher, and other open world games wich I'd like to run at hopefully max settings. Already have 2 1080p 75 hz Monitors I was thinking of: CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600/3700 (not sure wether the 5600x is worth is) Cooler: Coolermaster Hyper 212 Board: B450 MS
  7. Hey guys, im searching for a good headset i could use for gaming and still be accurate enough for music production. I currently use a HyperX Cloud II that has audio driver issues so i could definetly use an upgrade. However i havent found a good package that suits all needs. I was looking at a Corsair Virtuoso Wireless Se for gaming, video meetings and because its wireless and seems to be good and a Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro for Music Production and because i'd prefer open backs. So i got two questions: Do you know a good combined alternative?
  8. Hey, i'm Tobi from Germany I'm running a pretty ghetto computer at the moment and I am looking to upgrade in the next time when prices reach a normal level again. My old one was build with my father who worked in the server department at fujitsu so i build a system around some of the stuff he bought. Im looking for a Computer i can use for overall office work, coding, music production and of course gaming. Im more into casual gaming than into competitive so I l'd maybe like to play some good looking games on full graphics. Would also be cool if it would be kinda quiet