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  1. I have a normal desktop CPU, An intel core i3 10100F
  2. Hi, so the other day. I finally thought to myself, I should probably upgrade my RAM. I have a 2X4 GB kit from Team Elite and was planning to add Two more of them so its 4X4GB, I have A b460m ds3h from gigabyte which comes with 4 Dim slots And I was wondering if i can add two more dual channel RAM into it. Can i do it? Or should i just buy a 2X8 GB kit
  3. Hello good people of the internet. So a few days earlier i finally bought a new pc. And i was really stoked about it. So i quickly assemble it all together and put it on my case. I'm 100% sure that i plug everything at the right position. The reset sw, the power sw, etc. But the pc still wont turn on. At this point i thought "Ok maybe my front panel is broken and needs to be replace since its a office case and has been sitting under my desk for 7+ years" So i unplug all of the connectors and tried to jump start the board with a screwdriver. The fan is