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  1. Right now I'm running a 750 watt. I am willing to upgrade to a 1000w supply just to give myself the headroom, but remember, components draw power, the PSU doesn't push power. Also, I was thinking the 3080 might be a better deal anyways because the 3090 is 3 thousand fucking dollars. I can handle 1400-1700 for the 3080, but it'll still take me a few months to even get that up.
  2. Well, there is sometimes where I'm either in a game from 7PM to 8 the next morning. There's sometimes when I'm making content all night, and there's other times where I'm playing with 3d modeling and rando software. I'm always on my computer doing something.
  3. I always hear about how much wattage the 30 series cards consume, especially the 3090, but I never hear about how that really racks up on the electric bill. I have a system with an i9 9900k in it with a 1050ti. The electric bill doesn't seem to even notice, but I was going to upgrade to a 3080 when I can. I was worried about the 3080\3090 power consumption and everyone makes it sound like it consumes as much as an air conditioner. Per month, if I were to hypothetically leave a decently demanding title open with a 3090 for 30 days, how much would the bill go up? I also live in Florida. It's not
  4. The first issue I ran into with cloning was that I was going from a 128GB SSD m.2 to a 1TB SSD M.2 for my boot drive. I cloned it at first and it removed the section of the drive with my recovery option from the windows update area. I had to use Marcium Reflect to clone the drive to make the boot sector bigger as to not make it a separate drive so I didn't fill the boot up with just my phone backup alone. (I wanted to be able to make use of the videos/pictures/music folders) After that, I had a lot of trouble so I reformatted. EDIT: Um, this is awkward, but as I was typing this out, the a
  5. I literally cloned the drive and then reinstalled Windows through the Dell recovery system that came with the laptop. Support Assist gave me the drivers it thought I needed, but I went to the Dell website and got the latest. I believe I fixed it last time with trying out the older Dell drivers from the site, but they're no longer there for download. Could I just be out of luck here since they removed the alt drivers?
  6. Which software could be causing the issue is what I'm asking.
  7. That doesn't change the fact that the previous SSD I had in the system still activates all 3 speakers. I'd love to know why and what causes something like this to happen.
  8. I have a Dell 15 7000 Gaming and I've had this problem in the past, but it seems it's come back to haunt me again. I have 3 speakers on my laptop, left, right, and woofer on the bottom. The right speaker is the only thing that works and it's pretty weak. The boot diagnostic tests only come from 1 speaker, but they're extremely loud beeps. Recently, I upgraded my boot SSD m.2 and this issue began again. When I throw the old SSD boot drive back in, all the speakers work again. I've copied over the old drivers using Double Driver and that didn't work. My balance isn't off and nothing in software
  9. Well, scoring a 3080, that's not hard. The hard part is getting up 1400 dollars because that's what I'm seeing right now. I will wait for more price drops though. As for the SuperFlower, I'm very willing to rip it out and put in a Corsair because I'm not attached to it by any means. It's been a damn good PSU up until now though. I'll try it at first, but the first problem that arises with it, I'm running to best buy.
  10. Well, for the 9900k, I made the decision to buy that before the 10/11th gen came out. I also got a really good deal with that as the mobo and cpu came together for 475 dollars. Also, the temps on the 10th and 11th gen kinda scare me a little bit lol. As for the 3 ssd's, I have been content crating since 2012 on 3 youtube channels so one of those drives is dedicated to that, one is dedicated to games, and the boot drive has a lot of programs on it along with pictures, documents, phone backups and more. It helps me stay organized to have 3 drives. I do think I might need a higher watt power supp
  11. The link below is to the computer I already built, but I put a 1050 TI in it because of the graphic card shortages. I plan to put a 3080 in it and I wanted to know the opinions of other people. Specifically, I am slightly concerned about the compatibility of the mobo and card, if it'll run a pcie 4.0, if 750 watts will be enough to run the entire system since I've got two 4k 38 inch TCL televisions along with it, and what kind of performance increase I'm looking at here in games and light content creation in Premiere. Light meaning 10-25 minute 1080p videos 4 times a week. Thanks for taking th
  12. I see that you're right when looking at the task manager running the game, but when I go to Nvidia control panel, it says Minecraft and all MC related things are supposed to be running on Nvidia processor. Is there a setting I'm missing or is something amiss?
  13. Sorry if this isn't in the right place, but I have a strange problem and I wanted to see if anyone could shed light on this. I was at my friend's house trying to record a game of Minecraft on my laptop. The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15-7000 gaming. It has a core i7 7700HQ, a 1050ti, 32GB of ram and a 1080p 60hz screen. I turned on Chocapic shaders to film a certain type of video and all of a sudden, the laptop can't seem to handle it as it dropped down to 8 FPS. I've run these shaders before with 40-50fps no problem. Running Bandicam or not doesn't seem to affect it in the slightest. So about
  14. I can't get my laptop to synch to my desktop theme. Passwords and Edge sync worked just fine, but I noticed a weird phenomenon this afternoon. I turned on my older laptop which synched the theme just fine, but I then noticed that it was asking me to verify my account since I'd reformatted and left it alone after just logging in. For some reason right after I verified, Windows synched to the original W10 theme on the old laptop. I'm very confused, I've been working on this problem for 3 days and I can't get any real answers form MS or Google searching other than "Turn synch on." and "Update Win
  15. Thank you for the reply, but I did in fact fix it the exact moment you replied. The problem was that I was using Aomei Partition Assistant and it's not smart enough to do the job. I instead used Marcium Reflect which fixed literally every problem and I even found a video to help. For future reference if anyone else is having this exact issue, I would like to solve all of their problems by giving them this video: (1) Clone M.2 NVMe SSD to Larger SSD & Memory Upgrade Dell Inspiron 3583 - YouTube I'm not trying to advertise the video and I have no association with it at all other than th
  16. I've been trying to clone my (GPT) 128GB NVME to a 1TB NVME out of my Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop. The problem is when I clone to the new drive successfully, I can't reinstall Windows to factory where I get the Dell programs and apps. This is what happens: Original 128 GB drive: Works as intended from Dell. I got to settings>Update and Security> Recovery>click on "Get started". I'm able to reformat and reinstall with all the Dell stuff so I don't have to go and redownload all the correct drivers. Drive 2: I got to settings>Update and Security> Recovery>click on
  17. I used Aomei because Windows Partition Manager wouldn't even get me this far. The problem is my recovery partitions aren't cloning to the new drive thus I can't reformat the computer from the Windows 10 settings panel under Update and Security.
  18. I've been trying to clone a Dell laptop sub 200GB Toshiba mvme M key SSD to a 1TB Crucial P5 2280 SSD and having really bad luck with it. I've cloned many drives and never had this kind of trouble before. The two drives are built in GPT instead of MBR because the Dell came like that. If it helps, the Dell is a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming and what stock hardware it comes with aside from extra ram and a replaced HDD to SSD. So the boot drive in question is the one in the photo that's backing up at the moment to a flash drive. Not sure if this is even going to work. So what I'm trying to do is t
  19. I understand, in some cases, air cooling can be more effective, but I just couldn't tell you cases where it would be. In this case though, it's night and day. In the case of watercooled graphics cards though, I have no idea. Some of the designs to me look highly unsafe.
  20. I was thinking I should redo the paste and I think I'm going to go ahead and do it in the next few days. I mean, it's not like it'll be melting itself tomorrow or anything, but I've retired it from making videos so it's strictly weekend gaming so I have a little bit. Thank you for your answer. I know this was mostly an obvious thing, but I just like talking about this sort of thing and collecting as much knowledge as I can.
  21. I have a laptop with an i7 7700hq paired with a 1050 Ti and a desktop with an i9 9900k paired with the dual fan 1050 Ti OC. I'm curious of the temps because the laptop runs at a constant 55-65 degrees C (air cooled by dell stock fans) while the i9 runs at a constant 25-35 degrees C (water cooled by Kraken z63). I was wondering if the AIO actually doing that much of a difference that a stronger CPU is really running at temps that low while air cooling is running at those temps. I know both are well under the 100C they're rated at for being safe, but what got me thinking about this was that the
  22. I know I can move the monitors, but the problem is 2k is half the digital screen size and I'll have dead end corners. It's either that or I deal with 30hz and not have that issue.
  23. Unfortunately, this presents another issue. Right now, I have two 4k monitors on the wall at the same resolution and they're the same digital size. When I was running one 4k monitor on the left and 1 1080p monitor on the right, I'd have to drag things into the corner and wiggle it around to find the other screen. That might be a little exaggeration, but it's something that bothers me and I don't want that to be an issue. The biggest issue was windows trying to resize opening them up on different monitors. If I opened up a program or app that was on the 4k screen previously, it wouldn't scale t
  24. I figured it had something to do with display port, but my board doesn't have any of those so I decided to buy a 4k60hz display port to hdmi cable for the graphics card. Once I got it, and plugged it in, it would only support 4k30hz so I sent it back. The manufacture emailed me back with a picture of them using it at 4k60hz so that confused me further. So I guess waiting for the 3080 is my only option if I want this to work. Edit: also, if it only goes up to 24hz, why am I getting 30hz?
  25. I'm trying to achieve a dual monitor setup with 2 4k monitors at 60hz a piece. I have the first monitor coming out of a 1050 ti with only 1 HDMI port going into the first 32 inch 4k tv and that works just fine. I have the other HDMI cable coming out of the Gigabyte Aorus z390 i9 9900k on board graphics and it runs at 4k 30hz. I can't change it to 60 unless I drop it down to 1080p. I've switched the cables respectively to make sure it wasn't them and got the exact same result. Is the 9900k not capable of 4k60hz display or am I missing something? I know this issue will end when I get a 3080 and