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  1. Thank you! that's the reassurance I needed. I will be using this PSU for my build.
  2. Hey guys, I almost completed my build, Im just waiting for the motherboard and PSU to get shipped. My build is a 5600x, rx 6800 XT, 16gb ddr4 cl16 3600mhz. In my country the PSU prices are pretty steep and the purchasing options are limited. For the PSU I bought a Corsair CX650m for $120, There was also the cooler master MWE650 bronze for $80 but that one didnt feel reliable enough based on reviews, anyway the corsair met pretty much the maximum allowance in my budget (grey model, not green one). First of all I know the quality of the parts in this psu are not top notch, but in com
  3. Hey guys, im looking to buy a monitor (1440p144hz) for my rx 6800XT/5600x build. In my country (the UAE) the choices are a bit limited, and the well reviewed monitors are usually very inflated in price so I disregarded these. My choices are a bit limited to my budget which is around $300-400. I was interested to know if paying more would be worth the investment. Im especially afraid of ghosting, although its gonna be my first 144hz monitor so I dont know how it would feel like, I still dont want the monitor to suffer from this issue from based on what ive heard. M
  4. Thank you for the timely reply. So you mean this 10% difference that ive seen in benchmarks (between 3060 ti and 3070) is not really worth the extra cost?
  5. Country: UAE Hey guys, so right now im in a tough spot in choosing between building an i5 10400f/ ryzen 3600 rtx 3070 or a 5600x 3060 ti. There is a price difference of $70 for the i5 10400f rtx 3070 build, $100 for the ryzen 3600 rtx 3070 build. Basically, the 5600x 3060 ti build for me would be either $70/$100 cheaper to build depending on the choice of the processor as pointed out above. Is it worth it spending $70-100 for a weaker processor but a better GPU? I will be gaming at 1440p144hz so surely the cpu will be less dependent on the fps? But will the better