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  1. I unplugged my PBP67 Pro motherboard connections with the plan being to replace the motherboard but after unplugging all mobo connections realized the other mobo had bent pins so i went back to connect all the connections but now as i plug in the psu power cord it turns on for a second and then just shuts off. No display or boot. Tried using 1 ram stick and two and three and nothing. Im not sure what im missing atm. One of the connections might be wrong as im not used to working on older machines. The pc was fully working before and had no problems besides random crashes and repair loop.
  2. I’ve owned it since 2015 and it’s worked perfectly fine since it’s been in storage in 2018. Today I tried hooking the charger up and turning her on. Only one light will turn on(see below). Charging icon near charge port will remain solid and then start blinking(white- not the typical orange charge) Tried it without battery and more of the same but it stayed orange at least. Tried booking up a display to my tv and that doesn’t work either. Only reason I’m trying to get it on is because I have family pictures that I’d like to get off it. Any help would be appreciated.