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  1. Hi, can someone explain to me what numbers in the CPU name mean? Thanks, have a nice day pumkins Edit: for example ryzen 5 3600
  2. I have g213 (very nice, not mechanical, rgb, media buttons will give u a boner, and a gaming mode feature is sometimes useful.) and Razer Basilisk x hyperspeed (mechanical buttons, 3 extra buttons, nicely lies in hand, but when u dont touch it (for example u'r watching a video, it will stop responding, the solution is just to flip it and restart it.) it was a rlly nice upgrade from m330 and is wireless, which is the first thing i look when buying a mouse)
  3. Um idk... It definitely will be enough for your intensions, but prebuilds are never a good idea because you pay the pre-build tax, which you could have avoided by just asking here, on forum. For that budget you could have gotten faster RAM and better CPU, and I think that Asus Gtx 1650 is a bit of overkill. If you gotten something from gtx 10 family, you could have gotten more RAM which you will definitely need. In conclusion... you got ripped off, got system that will not respond to your needs and gotten over budget, but this PC will be enough for your work.
  4. Hey, can you tell me what keyboard it is on a photo posted lower? Thanks
  5. I bought new rgb fans, the same as I already had. After connecting and booting, rebooting, diging in rgb program they won't work. They are spinning but not rgbing. Thx for help pumpkins (they are sigma HP RGB 120)
  6. I have 1070 and it's great, performance is beautiful, I game at 1080p 60fps cuz this is max what my monitor can show. It's cheap, idk if it's in stock. like other users here have told u, I would wait for the supply shorts to end, and buy something from 30 series, but if you're horny for gaming and can't contain yourself, I would pull the trigger for 1070. Like @zerocoll1431 has pointed out, u didnt say what buget u have, neither cpu. If you have some ryzen, maybe go for some radeon
  7. Hey y'all I got 2 more monitors, they are being shipped and shall arrive on Friday and I'm a bit concerned whether my rog 1070 can handle 3 EliteDisplay E232 (23") and I would like to do some light overclocking. The 1070 is quite new so tip "just get better GPU, eh?" ain't helpful. If you have some tips for overclocking, go ahead. I dont think this post belong to overclocking cuz it's about "do I need to overclock". I would like to play overwatch, don't strave together, mirror's edge, portal 2, abzu, maybe robocraft. My specs are: ryzen 5 3600x 6 cores 12 threaths 1
  8. Hey I think I heard from somewhere that tunnelbear is selling data, and I only use the free one, and I dont use it very often. So I wanted to uninstall it, but then it hit me with the crying bear and the "I thought we were friends". It moved me so hard that my vision went blurry (aka I cried), but if it ain't safe, I will do what I must. Also I saw tunnelbear in task manager even though I wasn't useing it, can you pls explain why and is it normal? (and pls, how do I get my mood back on track, I cant collect myself) Have a nice day pumpkins
  9. Hi, what sites to compare GPU's do you know? Let me know below. Thx for anwsers and have a nice day pumpkins
  10. Hello, my keyboard is g213 and when I turn my PC on, it not always lights up, and pressing the rgb button doesn't help. The keyboard works, but the rgb doesn't. Repluging the cable helps, but it's ennoying to go under my desk like 1 in 10 times using my pc. It does the same thing on my laptop, so it's not pc's fault. Thx for answers, have a nice day pumpkins!
  11. We are under 18, and I think that they won’t buy a game (cuz… life)