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  1. I have a "Asus ROG Strix B350-F Gaming" and on the top left corner there are four lights (Green, yellow, red, and white) When I start my computer they sometimes lit up. In some order that I forgot now. And then they stop and nothing else happens, the system works as normal. Also somtimes my computer crashes and then these light light up and I get realy confused. pls explain what they mean.
  2. ok how do you do that?
  3. is there any downside too doing this??
  4. My computer is not working as I whant it too. I am running: Gpu: asus strix 1070 oc Cpu ryzen 5 1600x Ram: corsair 8 g 2666 MHz (1 stick) Motherbord: asus strix b350f When I play games on 1440p I usually get around 30 fps in gta V. I have high settings but even when I turn down the settings or when I play at 1080p I still get around 30-40 fps. My prosessor is sitting att 30 % and my gpu around 90% when I play. The ram is at around 80% I dont know if inte
  5. where do I buy that?? Also I live in Sweden so if I am going to buy something from USA I am going to have to pay shipping
  6. Could I not buy the two new DDR4 8GB 3200MHz sticks and install them with my old stick? Then I would get 24 GB of ram
  7. like GTA XD that takes AGES to load
  8. with loading times do you mean for the game to start or less blackscreen after cutscene?
  9. I have a Samsung 850 EVO 250g ssd where I store most of my games and windows. I also have a 1 tb harddrive. Is there a point in getting a better ssd? What are the benifits of a better ssd? Is it just faster booting and starting games faster or does it affect performance in game?? Thanks in advance for any help!!
  10. When I install the new ram. Do I just pop them in next to the other (with one space) and then start my pc or do I have to make the pc understand that I have messed with its parts?