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  1. I have R5 3600x PSU is a corsair TX650W (She's old but working fine) GPU is 3070 Ram are corsair pro 3600mhz Hope you're not wrong x)
  2. It's what I think to... I'm worry about having other game problems, i didn't notice anything in others game for the moment
  3. Is it looking like artifacting gpu? What is strange, there is no other game that actually have things like this... I don't know because it look weird and in the same time I think it can't be artifact because it disapear and isn't constant! So when i set AA to low it look better but not fixing it. PLEASE I NEED YOUR ADVICE ON IT, I'd rma her one time, store where I buyed said there is no issue with my GPU
  4. Yeah only with thoses games, I got some flickering in other games but nothing to worry, the big part is with Assassin's creed, temps are always 60-65 maximum, not higher
  5. Am I the only one who need to undervolt my GPU to the minimum to make gone flickering? Is it my gpu or just Nvidia Driver? Problems you can see in video just gone after undevorlting to 41%, same for ac odyssey
  6. i'm always under 60 degrees for temps, I got only little things like strange shadow but nothing like Ac valhalla, I have to underclock at 41% for making assassin's creed looking decent... It also reduce those things you saw on the video
  7. Yeah I tried both... It's strange because 3D mark and other game are running fine For 3D mark I tried 20 loops, get 99.3%
  8. I got RTX 3070 and don't know what happening with AC valhalla.... It get worse when I just start the game with green screen you can see it with picture... Here a video to show you what's happening... I got problems only with valhalla, and got minor issue with other games like shadow looking ugly but better when I approch.... It seems like ubisoft games are the problem with my gpu https://youtu.be/hYKn468ifDk Second video is a bench of AC odyssey