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  1. @whispousThe speed .... The need for speed Well two things matter, I get 2 500GB SSD to "become" 1 1000GB SSD, and have the 2xread/write speed. Who can turn that down?! And as it is a games drive, everything can be replaced, just takes the time to download, but I do not calculate with an error, in all my time as a PC geek I never lost data from any HD, however I still backup everything I can't reacquire, both backup onsite and to the cloud.
  2. Lyfie you make a good point, I will re-evaluate. Nice link to the overview of all the fans, easy for me to compare now. You aced it .....
  3. Thanks for your input Enderman I want the Noctua NF-A14 IPPC-3000, because of the 269,3 m³/h Airflow at max capacity So i will run it at 1500 rpm, roughly ½ the speed, ½ the noise and still get 130 m³/h Airflow And still have the possibility to increase RPM and Airflow. Can you follow my way of thinking, and do you believe my assumptions about the fan are correct??? I knew I should have studied engineering, instead of joining the Army, somehow the skills you acquire in the Army, do not carry well over into civilian life
  4. Thanks so much for the help. last 2 fast questions Why use storage spaces in windows, and not bios raid? I found this guide, on how to set up 2 drives in raid 0 from windows disk manager, seams like an easy way, to do what I intended with the 2 SSD drives, create 1 volume with all the space of the 2 SSD drives, and get the raid 0 read/write speed (Again it will be a game drive, if by some magic I play a game with local save files I will backup via Onedrive) Link to guide 4 minutes long - worth a watch and a like I think Thanks Electr
  5. Hi guys Have anyone have experience with Noctua NF-A14 industrialPPC-3000 PWM 140mm Fan - Good? Bad? Loud? Overkill? https://noctua.at/en/nf-a14-industrialppc-3000-pwm 3 of them in a tall tower, 2 intake 1 exhaust and 2x120mm Corsair AIO exhaust top fans - the 3 Noctua NF-A14 will be controlled by a Corsair Commander Pro and ICue. The 2x120mm Corsair AIO fans controlled by Corsair Link (Maybe change to ICue) Noctua makes solid products, whish I had bought Noctua NH-D15 chromax.black, instead of the Corsair AIO waterloop
  6. Hi guys I have 1 Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB and 1 Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500GB - Can a mix of 850 EVO and 840 EVO be used in RAID 0 ? It will be a games drive, I have a M.2 SSD as boot drive (Windows 10 Home - 64bit) In my mind I'm thinking why should it not be possible as the 2 drives are nearly identical, but then again .... Hope some kind soul can lead me on the right path
  7. I looked at the DEEPCOOL FH-10 and it's sure cheaper, but you can only control all the fans at once and not each fan individually, well that is my understanding however I can be wrong. ICUE is not perfect, I still use LINK for my AIO, but is it a matter of what I am used to or does ICUE truly suck I can't tell, I have used ICUE so little ....
  8. Budget (including currency): Whatever it cost at my local PC hardware pusher - 214 USD or 182 Euro for all 3 items incl delivery Country: Denmark Question 1 - Corsair Commander Pro, is it a good tool to control your fans (In the future as well) I do not like RGB but i could enjoy soft white lights inside my case and outside as well, the 4 thermo strips are always welcome, one on exit fans and one on PSU, maybe let the wife hold one to see if she is hot How long have you own yours and is it stabil and an good investment ? Question 2 - WD My Passport 2GB, will be u
  9. Thanks for your advice guys, but I can't bring myself to trash the 2x NOKIA WIFI Beacons, they have an insanely good coverage, and to the setup and other features seems well thought through and advanced. So if I use my Ikotere router in the basement as an internet access point and turn off the WIFI - Run single wire to my wan port on ASUS router, put the "Base station" of the NOKIA WIFI in a lan port (Both Pods are identical and can serve as main access point). play around til the Bridge/MESH works. amd place the beacons were I intended. Set your personal view to side and plea
  10. Though I like the simplicity in "Electronic Wizardy's" suggestion, I had hope for a more elaborate plan of attack, make no mistake "Electronic Wizardy's" suggestion will work. But I kinda wanted the extra POWAH and range the 2 x NOKIA Beacons 1's would give my netvork, as camera's will cover the front door in the future and some hidden cameras in the house as well, hidden as we know where they are, but an intruder don't. Any other solutions out there??? Thank you in advance ....
  11. Old ISP was acquired, new one brings in new stuff Old setup - Optic fiber access thingy >>> ASUS WIFI Router with 4 ports >>> PC, phones, Apple TV and other gizmos, a mix of cable and WIFI connectivity. New setup - Optic fiber router 4 ports and WIFI >>> ASUS WIFI Router with 4 ports -- And again from the Optic fiber router >>> 2 x NOKIA WIFI Beacon 1 So what the ISP intention is the customer will use the Optic fiber router 4 ports and WIFI + the 2 NOKIA WIFI beacon 1 (The Optic fiber router is located in the basement, and can't be moved)
  12. Thanks all for your reply's I love this community .... I am going to whack the monkey who wrote up the BIOS manual for my motherboard. If any of you read the text from the screen dump I made of the manual page, do you just know straight away that SATA6G_56 means SATA6G_5+6 or SATA6G_5 and 6 Clearly a Monkey wrote that for 2 bananas, or was it for _11 bananas, and the monkey goes bananas because 9 bananas are missing. We never will know this will we?? But hand on heart did all you guys just know, or have you learned a trick or two over the years by bedside reading ASU
  13. Upgrade project adding 2 M.2 drives to my system. The Samsung 970 EVO SSD M.2 is a PCI Express 3.0 x4 (NVMe) I am adding a 500GB boot drive and a 1TB game drive, my system already have a Samsung 850 EVO SSD 500GB boot drive and a Samsung 840 EVO SSD 500GB game drive and a Western Digital Black 1TB HD (Junk drive I had this drive for ages, and as long as it runs it will be in my rigs, nostalgia engaged) and I have a DVD drive/writer. That means I have used 4 SATA connectors out of the 6 SATA connectors available on the ASUS STRIX Z270E GAMING motherboard. I do NOT plan to remove any of the
  14. Thanks a lot guys I finally, found the same performance monitor Linus use, Radium_Angel you are an Angel. Answer to some questions, I game and do general stuff on my PC, no video editing or compiling data. But I need HD space, and I think anything less than a M.2 ssd drive would be obsolete, so the game is on now I will monitor the use of page file. So I can make an informed choice to add ram or not The M.2 ssd is something I have to get I just need the HD space. But as Linus say the need of ram depends, 100% true statement, and so so confusing, we all want to be on forefro