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  1. Informative
    suha04 got a reaction from Radium_Angel in A Crash I've never seen before, please help   
    So I tried to change the M.2 Slot, It might work or I'm going to turn my MOBO into an origami
  2. Like
    suha04 got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in Ryzen Master 97% CPU EDC in idle, should I worry about it?   
    I see. I'm gonna try it!
  3. Informative
    suha04 got a reaction from JohanKjeldahl7 in Does re-applying thermal paste ever solve a CPU temp problem?   
    For me, It did actually. But it does matter what kind of thermal paste you're using. In my case, the processor was 45C with the small portion of Thermal Paste, and 35 with a bigger portion. But maybe it was the mounting pressure where I failed the first time.