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  1. Thank you very much for all your help. One thing you said made me look deeper into download speeds. Im super new to all this and didn't realize the internet speed test was megabits and steam was megabytes. So as far as I can tell my steam downloads at 5ish is actually pretty good. Right?
  2. Just built my first pc and downloaded dragon center for my msi b550 gaming edge mobo. As far as I can tell Mystic Light should be in there but it's not showing up. Checked live updates not on there either. Did I miss something? Also I downloaded crucial's Mod software for my ram. But when I go to open it nothing happens.
  3. Better one is phone with data off only connected to wifi. Other is pc connected with ethernet. Same result for pc if wifi or tethered to phone. 2.9 is steam trying to download a game.
  4. I've tried wifi, tethering through usb c and an ethernet cable I pulled off my xbox. Used to get super high download speeds on my xbox using the same cable.
  5. They did at first. But when I reset my router everything but my new pc seemed to improve. I would understand if I could never hit the speeds I should. But to hit those speeds for a few seconds then drop and stay low I don't understand.
  6. Just built my first pc and everything seems ok except for the internet. I've tried wifi, ethernet connected to my router and threading my phone to it through usb c. Sometimes I can get the 30ish mbps I should get but it's usually only for a few seconds then right back down to 1 mbps. Not sure what's going on. Turned off my phone data and I can keep up the 30ish mbps speed. Why can't my pc maintain the speeds it should?
  7. Just kinda glanced at the suggestions so far and surprised I didn't see Outer worlds, Fallout 4, Monster hunter world (an mmo game but I played solo offline and loved it), Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning(olderish), Witcher 3, Horizon zero dawn (maybe haven't actually played but want to)
  8. I just built my first custom pc and was excited to play witcher 3. I just found out that the next gen remaster isn't out yet. Does anyone know when it will be released? Also what are your opinions, should I wait for the updated version or just play it now? Do you think the new version will be a lot better?
  9. If the "600" in the psu name means 600 watts then yes your fine. Bronze vs gold just means power efficiency, bronze will run the same video card as platinum but will cost more in your electric bill as far as I know. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong on that
  10. That was some good info thanks. Also I'm in the USA.
  11. I have a Ryzen 5600x and a Gigabyte 3070 gaming oc. Will probably get 5 or so rgb fans at some point. I've heard good things about EVGA Supernova. So I figured a 750w Supernova would be a safe bet. But when I looked there's a G+, GA and G3 ect. Not sure what the differences are. Can you guys help me out? Also let me know if Supernova is good or if you would recommend something else. I'm in the USA. Thank alot
  12. Wow, I had high hopes for this forum but you guy surpassed my expectations. I've heard good things about LTT forums but I'm still surprised at how much detailed information I received in such a short time. Thanks to all that have replied. I now have a much better understanding of TVs and monitors in general. Thanks again, you guys are great!
  13. Hello, I've recently been looking into building a pc to game on my TV. I was going to aim for 1440p, but when I looked into my TVs specs it said it supported 1080p at 120 or 4k at 60. The only site I could find with info on my TV said it didn't support 1440p? Is this true? If so could someone explain how/why a TV could support 4k but not 1440p? TV is an LG UJ6300 Website was Rtings. https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/uj6300 Thanks for reading. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.