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    in someone's basement


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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    16GB 3600mhz
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    iGame Geforce RTX Advanced OC 3070
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    darkflash dlx21 mesh edition
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    ADATA SX8200 pro (512GB)
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    Seasonic Focus Plus 750w (80+Gold)
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    768p monitor
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    Windows 10

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  1. So like today this just happened I don't know what to do In the video you can see the power plan changes a lot without me changing it. 2023214949_2021-02-2616-37-09.mkv
  2. Okay2 I will inform you when I have tried it using the old one
  3. Yeyups as you can see the Lan1 is blinking so yeah btw does buying a switch and a separate router solve my problem?
  4. So my pc is on 1) and my cp is connected to the default wifi emitted from the isp "modem router" on
  5. So like the box that contained "it" says that what I have is a modem router but like do I need to buy a separate router and let all my devices use that specific router so that I can access my other devices?
  6. HHAHAAHA mybad Its the default my ISP gave me edit: I can't change the two DNS that is given to me by my ISP in PPPoE mode
  7. AN5506_04F1A Im sorry I dont know if I have a router or a modem
  8. So I have a FTP server app in my cp and I cant connect to it anymore when I changed my IP address from upgrading my router from a dsl router into a fiber router (192.168.1.x to 192.168.254.xx). Is this from the router itself but like I can ping from my router to my devices but not from a device to another? Is this because my router is running in PPPoE mode?
  9. I am curious because both genshin impact asia server and valorant asia server resets daily quests at 4am
  10. What if Alex placed the front panel connectors in the TPM in the first motherboard that's why it didn't turn on, hmmm?