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  1. Svenvdv

    g27q vs m27q

    I am looking for a new monitor with 1440p 144Hz IPS flat my budget is around 300 euros I am interested in the g27q or the m27q I have seen reviews and overall the m27q is better, but it has 1 big downside. It has bgr subpixel layout, I know you can use windows Clear Type, but I want to use a 2nd monitor (my current main) and it has rgb subpixel layout. So if I use cleartype the 2nd monitor will have bgr subpixel layout. Is it a good choice in this situation to get the g27q over the m27q? or maybe any other recommedations in my budget.
  2. It depends what one is cheaper at the time I want to buy it cause in the Netherlands sometimes the m27q is cheaper than the g27q
  3. that is really weird, I could get the m27q and if its bgr I sent it back and get the g27q
  4. Could you please check it for me plz, cause im thinking of getting a G27Q or M27Q, but it depends on if the M27Q has bgr or not use this link: http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/subpixel.php If you test it you are an absolute legend! (check windows cleartype, cause it has to be off for the test, cause cleartype changes it to rgb)
  5. does the europe version has rgb instead of bgr cause im from europe
  6. Personally I have the steelseries arctis 7 and im loving it, it costs 150$, but it is wireless, it doesnt require bluetooh though, you need to plug in a usb in your pc and with that you can connect it with the headphone.
  7. Hi, I tought I was going to get this kind of anser and you are right, but I have my reasons for it I want my pc to last around 5 years and thats why I chose the 10850k over 5600x (what I was concidering first), I am limited to a budget right now. Thats why I go with something like a 3060ti and will upgrade it in like 3 years or whether I feel it doesnt give me the peformance I desire anymore, I am confident that a 10 core CPU will be enough then. I hope this makes a little bit of sence.
  8. Thanks for being honest and not randomly trowing something out. Ill just wait for others to respond
  9. Hello I am wodering if my power suppy is enough W for my build. I am not planning to do any overclocking at all on CPU/GPU https://nl.pcpartpicker.com/list/fqfB7X my PSU is: Corsair RM (2019) 650W 80+ gold certified Thanks!
  10. So the noctua nh-u12s will be more then enough? or is the arctic freezer 34 esports duo also more then enough?
  11. want to buy a 10850k pared with a MSI Z490-a PRO I am not planning on doing any overclocking at all I want to use this CPU for the next 5/6 years I am not gonna use it for any editing, mostly for gaming, and maybe for streaming in the future. I want to be able to play AAA games without problems in the future I am planning to build it in the Corsair 4000D airflow my question is what cooler do I need? will a noctua nh-u12s be good enough, or do I need something more expensive like the corsair H100i RGB PRO Xt or corsair H115i RGB PRO XT? (If I Need to go for a AIO, I prefer corsair
  12. Thats true, I did not see it that way before. I will try, I can get a 10850k for 400 euros right now, but I hope the price of the 10850k will drop even lower when 11gen comes out
  13. I play not a lot of Tripple A games, but I want to be able to for the next 5/6 years that is why I said tripple A in my first post. about the topic, like you said I think you are not sure what I mean about it. Ill try to explain better I currently have 1 person who said go Gigabyte and you said MSI, so I still do not know what is better for me. it would be really helpfull if some other people react to this topic, but most of the time (with my experience at this forum) when people see that someone gave his oppinion they dont give theirs. note: its not that i am angry at those people or
  14. ok thanks for your imput ill probably make a topic about it again to see what other people think, cause most of the time when people see there is a reaction to it they wont react to it anymore