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  1. im bad at english im sorry i cloned my windows that was on my hdd before now on ssd i cloned it by using cocosenor backup tuner and btw i have an local disk c and f. C is my ssd and f is my hdd and both of them have the same files on it both have windows and similar files
  2. My problem is this i already cloned my windows to ssd from the hdd and it was successful but theres a little bit of a problem this always shows up when im turning my pc on
  3. Guys Im gonna install windows on my ssd 1.Do i need to delete windows on my hdd 2. Can i go to bios and set my ssd as 1st boot and 2nd hdd (with no windows installed on ssd) Is that ok ?
  4. what if i dont use it as boot drive will it still boot faster like games i put it on ssd
  5. Do i need to install windows on my ssd just to make it a boot drive because theres already a windows on my hdd what i need is to make my ssd as boot drive and then my hdd as storage
  6. 1.Im installing an ssd later if i plug all the sata cable on it will it automatically boot my pc faster or i need to make it my boot drive. 2.How do i access my bios on a foxconn 17a0 motherboard Thanks !