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  1. This noramlly points to a Hardware fault with PSU, CPU, RAM or Harddisk. Make sure you use custom install for the harddrive, then delete all partitions, select the drive, create partition, agree to the patitions and continue install. That normally works better.
  2. Try different USB Installers like Balena Etcher, Rufus, YUMI to put it on the usb. Choose the Live CD version of the distro. All else fails, use a blank CD/DVD. Make sure Legacy USB is enabled, could be the USB you a re using is either too old/new or too large, 4GB is perfect 8/16GB or higher can cause issues.
  3. Change the cables to new non amazon basics type. Try a different monitor/tv. If you can and have the necessary know-how, check the capacitors in the monitor (Components internal to monitor: if they bulge, they need replacement), most electrolytic caps can cause wierd behaviour, which gets worst over time.
  4. All your problems could be your SSD, get a cheap SSD to check, Patriot SSD's are great quality and price.
  5. Check your network adapter settings, reset them or set the laptop with a static ip with your router as the gateway and dns
  6. ndesign.ie


    ram shouldn't need it, if clean Maybe your overclock needs more voltage somewhere too, just read the spec again
  7. I agree, this is a costly problem
  8. I got this with a desktop dell, fans were choaked with dust and paste was near dust, also windows update borked a restart. try get into the recovery mode by pulling the power during boot twice, 3rd time should come up for recovery, let it do it and and wait...
  9. ndesign.ie


    something is or has over heated, all thermal fins and heat sinks probably need repasting not just cpu. Locking up is cpu throttling, check your task manager when these times happening, cpu could be on low power or north/south bridge overheating
  10. in outlook, File Options Add-ins Click Go Untick boxes restart outlook
  11. Remove/disable add ins recently installed
  12. Sounds like the copying bug. files are probably in limbo. Try this: -Disable FastStartup (in power otions/old control panel) -Check AppDataTemp folder -open command prompt in admin mode do: chkdsk /f /r and/or sfc /scannow first and second should be easiest
  13. Chances they didn't copy are 50 50. Good thing you made an image, make a copy of the image before trying Virtualbox open the cloned drive in Virtualbox, access the file from virtual, make sure you setup a shared folder before booting image and install the GuestAdditions drivers from the Devices menu.
  14. main input sounds like its damaged, new one could be the answer, add the batteries to new one , extra power time