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  1. Will this reset the Registry? An dwill be good for better performance?
  2. what will the difrence be if he is 244 fps and getting 500 fps
  3. it will bot be smoother since your hz. for example you are 144hz but gettin 244 fps but you will feel it as 144. just go and try. if you dont cap your pc will give full power to cpu and make it use 100%. also cpu reaching 100% is not good. try to make it 97% with the video I sent.
  4. also not a promo but you can make optimize your pc with this yt channel:
  5. Is thia score good for a gtx 1660 super? And 3600x
  6. It says on userbenchmark. You can loom on the photop
  7. Hey guys why is my gpu performing bad? Specs: Ryzen 5 3600x Msi b450m a pro max gtx 1660 super 2x 16gb 3000mhz
  8. it might be that high because my game frezeezes for only a second
  9. What about the ones on hw monitor
  10. hey guys is this tempature normal for my motherbaord?