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    Ryzen 5 5600X
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    MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX
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    2x 8GB Kingston 3200MHz HyperX
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE
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    Lian Li DK-05
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    WD Blue SN550 1TB
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    Corsair RM650x
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    Glorious Model O-
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    Microphone: AKG C414
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    Apple MacBook Air 16GB (Late 2020)
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  1. Here at LTT, we’re often making videos about crazy small form factor, oversized, no compromise, or otherwise unusual and extreme PC builds. But… what about our employees? Are they all rocking RTX 3090s in their sweet battlestations, or are all of their systems at home just shells of glory, not to be used by even the most infrequent of gamers?
  2. I brought friends into the LMG office :]



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    2. Prodigy_Smit


      The blue one looks like it’s going to kill me

    3. Nystemy


      Well, that is a sizeable collection of protogens for the LMG office to look at.

      (Time to lay your hands on some 3D printers and print a full sized synth while you are at it.)

    4. Bombastinator


      On 9/2/2021 at 11:52 AM, JBee said:

      they're judging me while I write 😞

      Eh what do they know? They’re fluffy headed things anyway (unless they’re filled with something else.  Beans maybe.  I don’t know)

  3. vegetab,e opton wjere os it
  4. I'm a daily user of it 7zip is the bomb 42.zip to be specific
  5. replace plastic with ice cream and it will smell nice
  6. Waterblocks and air coolers both share the common trait of a metal cold plate that makes contact with the CPU for heat transfer. This needs to be protected, and not all protection is created equal. What happens to your Core i9 if you forget to peel that little piece of plastic? Let's find out.
  7. Theoretically, yes. In practice, it would be rather difficult (depending on your level of experience.) You would need to set up a server for notifications to come through and an Android/iOS app to receive and push notifications, and then have those notifications be sent to your fitbit through its app. Could alternatively cut the middleman out and just develop an app that does notifications on its own accord on your phone, independent from your PC. If you're a fan of tinkering, it could be a cool project.
  8. The FireCuda drive is excellent, but it just so happened to be the drive we used for demonstrating the setup process in the video. The Sabrent was in the PS5 during gameplay because it already had games installed on it prior to shooting.
  9. Sony recently launched their first Beta system update for the PS5, which added high speed M.2 SSD storage expansion support. Some journalists have been quick to criticize this as being too difficult... but does Microsoft's Xbox really have the better solution here, or was Sony right all along?
  10. I wasn't interested in Infinite at all until your comment got me intrigued. Played in the background while working on other stuff, and I'm looking forward to this now. boarding the excitement train
  11. Genuine curiosity, do you ever play games? And if so, do you use the trackball? How does that compare to a mouse?
  12. Split ergonomic keyboards have been increasing in popularity in recent years as use of computers and the internet has become more frequent. Options like the ErgoDox EZ, the MoonLander, and others have sprung up in the craziest of mechanical keyboard collections, but this may be the one keyboard to rule them all.
  13. Have you double checked to make sure the noise is coming from the PSU and not from the GPU or elsewhere? Sometimes electronic noises can be a bit hard to pinpoint. This could be the result of a manufacturing defect but likely isn't going to hurt your PC's performance. As others have suggested, you should probably RMA the power supply (as long as it's confirmed to be the PSU) just to be safe, particularly if the noise is bothering you. I've personally owned several corsair RM series PSUs and part of why I come back to them is because of their near-silent operation.
  14. Intel CPUs were at one point the go-to for nearly every market segment, with powerful products for gamers, datacenters, and content creators alike. AMD has dethroned them, and that’s led to some strangely cheap products popping up on Ebay… like this 28 core Xeon.
  15. Foldable devices are here, or more specifically, foldable displays. Laptops and notebooks fold to make things more portable, but what if we folded the display itself?