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  1. wtone22

    Coolling help

    its the stock cooler that does not work i currently have a difert older cooler on it
  2. wtone22

    Coolling help

    ok so my stock coller that came with my ryzan 7 doesnot work (if pepole could help with that that would be fantastic. but with the cooler i have now i am getting like high 40s to 50s and even up in the 60s with just like enterent explorer open my room temp is curently 67 deggres farhenitt all other temps are cenagrade. it was working fine erlyer and ive done some gaming on it but am scared to can pepole help espelly with troupble shotting tips for the wrath cooler, i curently have a coller master cooler that was used to cool a ryzan 3 the tempurtures are also always changeing like every secone
  3. wtone22


    in that case i wish my room was a cpu (The joke is my room is frezzing cold)
  4. wtone22


    thank you and thank you
  5. wtone22


    please ignore spelling i did this on my phone
  6. wtone22


    so i reently put a ryzan 7 in my system the stock cooler was mostly DOA the leds were the only thing that worked i had an old cooller that was used to cool a ryzan 3. my ideal temps right now are around 40-50 is that to high? could tuing off core boost lower it? do i need. a difernt coller (i dont want to spend anymore money) thanks yall