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  1. I was looking to build a PC that would only be used for normal daily web browsing stuff and photo editing. I am a photographer and won’t need it for gaming (or video editing at this time). I was wondering if for now, I can get away with basically no gpu and use a iGPU or like a cheap gt710 or something from ebay?
  2. I'm on PC. I have setup the Dolby Acess App. I know for stereo content if you have the button ON, it upscale it artificially to surround sound but I want to know should I have the Dolby button ON or OFF when watching content that natively support Dolby Atmos like let's say a movie on Netflix that supports Dolby Atmos through the Netflix app on windows 10? What about games that support Dolby Atmos like gears of war 4, Button on or off? Would any of this change if the content was playing from google Chrome?