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    kungpaogao reacted to GER_T4IGA in Searching for 75% or 60% keyboard - need help   
    Their 60-75% selcetion is fairly limited and their prices are not inline with what they offer compared to the highly costumizable competition. Thanks for the suggestion but I will most likely buy somwhere else.
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    kungpaogao got a reaction from DZSlasher in 10 Keyless Mechanical Keyboard for Office   
    - If you don't have a budget, go for a Topre Realforce 87U (it's expensive, but it's arguably one of the best; it's an "endgame" for some enthusiasts). You could also go for a CM Novatouch TKL, which also feature Topre (45g) switches.
    - There are also cheaper Topre copies such as the Royal Kludge RC930-87 (which is what I'm typing on right now), but you can only really get them on Massdrop in the US.
    - As I mentioned above, this category of switch (electro-capacitive) is the one I personally use. They are GREAT for typing, and I highly recommend them.
    - Otherwise, I recommend the CM Storm Quickfire Rapid, or Rapid-i (if you need backlighting) with MX Browns (MX Blues would probably be too loud for an office). They are relatively inexpensive, and pretty reliable.
    - If you want something rugged, check the link for the Realforce 87U because the same site sells KUL ES-87's which have really nice build quality (obviously a little more expensive though). Once again, I recommend MX Browns.
    - If you don't mind using Massdrop (i.e. waiting a month for the group buy to complete and be delivered), there are occasionally group buys for Varmilo TKL keyboards. There is actually one right now, and it has a choice for Gateron switches, which are the best (?) Cherry MX clones.
    - The Matias Mini Quiet Pro (if you are not in US, check the official site) is also a good choice for offices. It's not exactly "TKL", but I heard it's quite nice.
    You should probably do some more research to find out what you like. Make sure you check each switch for its sound test, sound is half of the experience of typing! Also, I highly recommend you invest a little more into a keyboard (assuming you type a lot).
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    kungpaogao reacted to GrimNeo in Display Technology FAQ / Mythbuster   
    @Glenwing Can you post a topic about viewing distance for monitors and if people will really notice a difference for 4k. Like this article http://carltonbale.com/1080p-does-matter/ Most people don't have 20/20. Great article and thanks.
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    kungpaogao reacted to spwath in Mechanical Keyboard Club!   
    Middle aged man with his shirt unbuttoned
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    kungpaogao reacted to spwath in Gateron or Kailh?   
    10000000000% Gateron.
    Gateron is sometimes considered better than cherry (and I agree)
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    kungpaogao reacted to spwath in Mechanical Keyboard Club!   
    Look what i just scored for $80 total.

    Thats right. 4 Model F's...
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    kungpaogao reacted to nicklmg in Feenix Collection Giveaway   
    Are you in the market for some badass new gaming peripherals? Then look no further friends! The awesome folks over at Feenix are providing an exclusive giveaway of their whole peripheral lineup to THREE lucky winners from the Linus Tech Tips audience!
    In Feenix's own words, their products are "of very good quality, very comfortable, and look beautiful." Hopefully you will be one of the lucky winners who gets a chance to judge that for themselves!
    Each of the three winners will receive:

    1x Feenix Aria Headset
    1x Feenix Autore Keyboard
    1x Feenix Nascita Mouse
    1x Feenix Dimora Mousepad
    Alright, that's all well and good... now how do I WIN!?

    Entry is very simple - just comment below letting us and Feenix know which of their products is your favorite and why! And if you're feeling appreciative, head on over to their Twitter, give them a follow, and say thanks for providing this awesome giveaway for the community!
    The three winners will be selected at random on November 11, 2015.
    One entry (comment) per user.

    This is a worldwide giveaway with no age restrictions.

    Each of the three winners will be contacted by me here on the forum. Disregard any messages, emails, Tweets etc. you receive from anyone other than this account here on the forum.

    Good luck all!!
    Alright so the wait is over and winners have been chosen!

    Our three winners are:

    Congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone else who participated!
    ***UPDATE 11/18***
    We did not receive a reply from two of the winners, so two new winners have been selected:

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    kungpaogao reacted to nicklmg in UltraWide Festival 2015   
    Get a chance to win one of 30 curved UltraWide monitors from LG (34UC87C), and even a USD$10,000 Dream Setup to one grand prize winner!

    Entry is simple:

    1. Create a video about your current setup (30 seconds max) before September 25.

    2. Tweet that video to @LinusTech on Twitter (or post it down below)

    3. Submit a link to that post on www.ultrawidefestival.com

    And that's it!

    Keep in mind that entries close September 25. No late entries accepted!
    Have fun and BE CREATIVE
    UPDATE: There are no geographical or age restrictions. Anyone can win. Have fun!!!
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    kungpaogao reacted to Daninjaki773h in UltraWide Festival 2015   
    I honestly don't know why i'm doing this i've obviously got a 10x better gaming rig than anything you could get me hell i didn't even put pants on to make this video, but i guess ill do this just for fun besides i may be supersized.

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    kungpaogao reacted to That_Random_Guy in UltraWide Festival 2015   
    Well not that i plan to win, but here's mine. wish i could have had a longer video length lol
    Its terrible.... I know
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    kungpaogao reacted to thewrongkyle in UltraWide Festival 2015   
    To those that understand the struggles of multitasking on a laptop that cant handle it

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    kungpaogao reacted to spwath in [US] Win 7 key plus free computer   
    Its a windows 7 (10) key with a free mediocre computer!

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    kungpaogao reacted to ADZ_123_!"£ in [USA] Unlimited talk, text, and 10GB of data (LTE) for $30   
    Once I read that title I thought of a certain movie:

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    kungpaogao reacted to Fluffinator in Free Game on Humble Bundle.   
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    kungpaogao reacted to minibois in Free Game on Humble Bundle.   
    I saw free. I clicked. I claimed.
    I like free.
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    kungpaogao reacted to givingtnt in (US - Amazon) - Adobe Photoshop Elements, $44 Solid Deal!   
    I can't hate you more
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    kungpaogao reacted to rcarlos243 in [Crucial-refurb] 960GB Crucial M500 2.5" SSD = $179.99, 480GB Crucial M500 2.5" SSD = $99.99   
    Small capacity drives (120GB and 256GB) have been tested by techreport and they last at the very least 1PB.
    this drive has 4x that capacity so it would even have substantially longer lifespan so it doesn't matter how much life is left in it.
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    kungpaogao reacted to ADZ_123_!"£ in [Windows 8 only]Modern Combat 5 FREE for PC and mobile   
    This was the game that killed of the modern combat it's absolutely shit.
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    kungpaogao reacted to Matthew Taylor in [Windows 8 only]Modern Combat 5 FREE for PC and mobile   
    I paid for this game on my phone a while back and now its free I think I deserve my money back. Now I can't play all the time because of the stupid energy system so I think I deserve a full refund. Never been a fan of Gameloft and their pay2win games. Rant over.
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    kungpaogao reacted to Unlikelyjoker in [STEAM] 3DMark - $5 | 80% OFF (Flash sale)   
    With great reviews like this you cant resist.
    "This game is the most pay-to-win game I have ever played. To have any hope of getting near the top of leaderboards you will have to spend at least 4-5k of your hard earned cash, and, to add to all of this, there is no gameplay to be found, just a series of cutscenes with no relevance to eachother at all. This is a grim sign of where the industry is headed."
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    kungpaogao reacted to Zagnip in [Free] ZOTAC GTX 980Ti AMP! Giveaway   
    This is a 980 ti AMP! raffle by Tek Syndicate :
    Edit: 960 giveaway is over now, but you can still try your shot at the 980 ti!
    Also for those wondering, the referral link was removed my a mod, so I suppose referral links are bad! Good to know. 
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    kungpaogao reacted to aduman in [Amazon US] Gunnar Optiks $40   
    Do people really buy these? I'm waiting for a gaming toilet to come out so I can finally consider myself a true gamer.
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    kungpaogao reacted to Agazed in [Serious] Who here are Early Adopters? If so why do you keep on Buying?   
    I ain't an early adopter only because I cant afford all this new shit
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