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  1. ok but if i copy the home folder to another install of linux do you think that would work or would i have to reinstall everything again?
  2. i didnt touch windows for a while now and im thinking about reinstalling linux but how can i access the partitions files i want to copy the home folder
  3. So i dual booted linux and windows on my main ssd i made 2 partitions one for linux the other for windows they look like this: OS SSD is windows and the 100 gig partition is linux and when i boot into linux i get this: Is there anything i can do about this
  4. hey so we sorted out the problem we just waited a few hours and he turned it on again and it worked and i maybe forgot about this post but thanks
  5. Hey so my friends laptop blue screened it said "your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart" or something like that and then when it restarted it put him in a screen saying "preparing automatic repair" we left it for about an hour and it didnt do anything so we tried something else we went into system diagnostics and ran a test on his laptop and everything passed nothing failed so then we tried to restore from a restore point but thanks to hp restore points were disabled on his laptop. we have no idea what to do now we want to try get all his important files off the laptop before we even t