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  1. While trying to mount a noctua fan in my very poorly designed corsair 110r, I lost one of the mounting "pins" used to mount the fan inside the case. I can't see it and it would probably take disassembling the entire case in order to find it. It fell into a sectioned off area of the case separated from the rest of the pc. I am still concerned, however, on whether or not the pin is conductive enough to damage my components and whether or not it may melt. I know this is very specific and stupid sounding but I would appreciate some knowledge as to whether or not I'm taking apart my case this weeke
  2. I've recently run into issues where windows refuses to connect to the update service. I've literally tried everything except a full reset. I don't have any sensitive files that I care about on my C drive. I do however have over a terabyte of data spread across around 4.8tb of capacity on 6 different drives. This includes a dual boot Linux environment. I was wondering if I could bring the drives offline in windows and reset the device without loosing any data on the other drives. If this is not possible, I was wondering if it is plausible to delete the windows partition and reinstall using my o
  3. Like they said, ryzen is better when it comes to performance per dollar at this point if you can get your hands on one right now. However, if you want to stick with intel, it really depends and while I can give suggestions, I cannot decide between the two myself. The 11600k is a better overall processor than the 10600k. However, I am not so sure that the performance boost is worth the extra $70 especially if you're gonna need a beefy cooler to extract that extra performance. However, one thing to consider is that the 11600k is just newer. It will continue to be supported by intel and software
  4. I was going to do a full reinstall next. The problem is the hassle of making sure windows doesn't also delete the data on my other drives which I am sharing between my original windows install and my linux dual boot plus I have a windows vm that also has access to the drives. I will try at my earliest convenience
  5. I have restarted the update service and even reset the folder that all the data is stored in
  6. My Windows 10 install recently borked itself while I was waking it from sleep corrupting it beyond repair. To "fix it" I had to do an in place upgrade. The in place upgrade fixed many of the issues such as sound and time. It didn't fix everything however. I cannot for some reason, use windows update. It gives me an error that windows cannot connect to update service. I have tried many different fixes including more in place upgrades and complete resets of windows. I know it's not my internet because I have a linux dual boot with a windows vm on that updates perfectly fine. I am not satisfied w
  7. I saw that you may have issues with locked drivers when you passthrough but I cannot seem to even get the passthrough working.
  8. Over the pass week, I have been trying to do a VFIO single GPU passthrough from my Popos to a windows VM. To do this I used this guide:https://gitlab.com/risingprismtv/single-gpu-passthrough/-/wikis/home and the scripts that come with it. I followed all the instructions exactly but when I run the VM, all I get is a black screen with nothing on it. I am using Virt-manager as outlined in the guide. I have a Tuf x-570 motherboard, a R5 3600, and GTX 1060 Turbo from Asus. really would like to get this working. Any help would be appreciated as I am new to Linux and VMs in general.
  9. Recently, my windows 10 decided to bork itself and I had to reinstall it. After reinstalling it I ran into an issue where windows update refuses to work. I then installed another 2 ssds into my system and created a dual boot Pop os partition. I am now trying to create a windows vm instead so that if it decides to bork itself again I can start over more easily. I was wondering if I could point the vm towards the windows drives that I have now so I can access my windows data without having to reinstall everything. I also wanted to know if I can configure the vm in a way so if I have to start ove
  10. I am not familiar with this brand. I would recommend that should you replace the PSU that you go with a more well known manufacturer like Corsair or Seasonic. I would also recommend a higher wattage PSU just so you're covered. As for troubleshooting this particular issue, it is most likely that one or more components are dead and require an RMA order. I would check the motherboard for any visible damage like open leads where a capacitor may have blown off or blackened areas where the motherboard may have shorted out. Judging from the attached video, some motherboard components may be dead or s
  11. These are Sandisk 960gb drives from a friend at Western Digital. They are internal drives. I believe they are enterprise grade but I couldn't confirm that. I believe this is gonna be a one time thing as shown in this thread: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/raid-1-resyncing-how-to-fix-this-without-data-loss.2332277/ . The drives have finished syncing
  12. You know what I think I found out why. My mirrored disks seem to be re syncing right now because of windows not booting up properly with my broken gpu. Will this be an on going issue and can it harm my drives?
  13. Dude, if I were you, I would wait for prices to drop and availability to rise. Then you can fit more into your budget.
  14. I recently tried reviving a dead GTX 1660 Ti in my PC. I was able to update the drivers then it stopped working again. I switched back to my GTX 1060 but now I'm having trouble with windows. For some reason, ntoskrnl.exe is taking hogging tremendous amounts of bandwidth on 2 of my Sandisk SSDs which I have partially mirrored. Should I just wait it out or is there something I can do. On extra piece of info is that it is reading from one and writing to another. I have included screen shots.