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    A8 6600K:(
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    Gigabyte F2A68HM-S1
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    Kingston 2x4 16mhz DDR3
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    GTX 660:(((((
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    Inplay Meteor 03
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    Hitachi 320gb x2
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    FSP HV PRO 550W
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    AOC 60Hz
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    Badwolf BW-87
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    Fantech Thor X9
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    Windows 7:((((((((((((((((((((((

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  1. planning to buy this https://shopee.ph/Basic-Extension-Cable-Kit-ATX-24Pin-1pc-EPS-4-4Pin-1pc-PCI-E-6-2Pin-GPU-6Pin-Power-Extension-Cable.-i.139034906.2184381366 do you have idea if its good or not? the ratings from the customers are good but i still want everyones opinion if i should buy it or not
  2. and just to be sure i can use am3 cooler on fm2 mobo right? i searched in internet and they said it can fit and but some said they dont
  3. this one too https://shopee.ph/Aigo-Cpu-Cooler-4-Heatpipe-Cpu-Cooling-Tdp-280W-3Pin-Fan-Pc-Cooling-Heatsink-90Mm-Rgb-Fan-Radiator-115X-775-1366-2011-am3-am4-i.287247261.6450455484 it says 280w tdp so can i use it on my a8 6600k? it supports my mobo too
  4. this one https://shopee.ph/-Getdouble-ID-COOLING-IS-40X-V3-Pro-CPU-Cooler-with-PWM-Fan-4-Direct-Contact-Heatpipes-i.129778469.7765712218 or this one https://shopee.ph/DarkFlash-L6-Good-Cool-CPU-cooler-i.73794452.1668535317
  5. i want to know if i can use a cooler that only cools a cpu upto 95w in my a8 6600k its tdp is100w
  6. how about this one? its asus https://shopee.ph/♝ASUS-P6T-SE-Motherboard-X58-LGA-1366-Desktop-original-USB2.0-SATA-II-24GB-DDR3-i.322265801.7859868494
  7. can i use chrome while playing games on it? some guy commented on youtube video of tech yes city or linus i forgot he said you can play games while using norton(anti virus program) and anti virus programs are heavier than chrome i think
  8. i dont know what brand is it heres the link https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/x58-motherboard-motherboards-1366-socket-motherboards-support-xeon-lga-1366-core-i7-960-i7-970-i7-990x-xeon-w3580-w3690-w5590-x5690-x5687-x5698-tzx-i1592228562-s6808558310.html?spm=a2o4l.searchlist.list.29.6ac377fedLRAWB&search=1 the seller said that its china oem brand but the ratings are good so i think its fine to buy it and the shop have good reputation you can see other items the shop sells to see the ratings if you want heres the link of the shop https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/tzx-general-merchandise/?spm=
  9. i found a xeon x5675 and x58 mobo for 80$ should i go for it? or go for ryzen 3 1200 so that i can upgrade whenever i need to. I just want to use it for gaming(im not gonna play witcher 3,rdr2) just some csgo and nfs mw 2012 and nier automata and can i use chrome while playing games? i have a8 6600k and gt 1030 right now and i cant use chrome while playing csgo because its slow
  10. how much do you think will it increase? is it around 4fps?
  11. i want to oc my a8 6600k from 3.9 to 4.1 do you think is it worth it? and how much fps will it increase?
  12. i did this on my gt 1030 and idk if i did it right can you pls tell me? my max temp decreased by 3 degrees celsius and my furmark points become 2048 from 1992 points
  13. is a8 6600k and gtx 960 good? or buy a better psu?