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  1. You can't go wrong with Noctua. Pretty much guaranteed a quality fan when you buy Noctua.
  2. Fractal fans are known to "chatter" or "tick". You might not hear it as clearly at full speed because the frequency increase. I would look into replacing them with some quality pwm fans.
  3. Did you change anything in your case? Change fans around, using with the side panel on now? Might be that it's now getting enough positive pressure flow from the case cooling and doesn't need to kick it's own fan on as much. Sounds like it's a good thing regardless
  4. Both great suggestions. I would think software / driver issue first as well. Could even go as far as an OS reinstall.
  5. Esata connection is simply a normal sata port with a bit more robust connection for use external of the computer (hence the "E" in esata). The drive being a sata drive is therefore also esata compatible. No worries, the drive will be compatible with your use case. Best of luck and enjoy your new PS4 storage.
  6. I would suggest a self identifying test program such as OCCT: https://www.ocbase.com/ Run the GPU stress and if it finds any errors, it will notify you while running. Decent way to test if the GPU is stable. From there you can feel confident that any errors you see are from the application that is running and not the GPU failing. One more note. It is natural to be concerned about an investment and to be interested in exploring ways to protect it. That being said. If you find that worry and concern has or does become more frequent in other aspects of your life, you migh
  7. Huh, Interesting. I would be inclined to believe Thaiphoon. Your B-Die will obviously vary much more with the timings it likes then. Here is what it reports on my sticks:
  8. I have similar Ram. I assume it's Micron E-Die as well. I found that these sticks will act like they like lower timings but will continue to blow errors when in use. It took me forever to find the sweet spot they wanted. Keep in mind, I value stability over speed any day. Here's where I landed: I used Aida and OCCT to stress the ram to find stability. (Aida for 1hr first then 8hrs OCCT).
  9. Are surges frequent on your power? A decent surge protector should give you piece of mind. Going further, you can always look into a UPS with conditioning to keep that power clean as well as provide all the surge protection you want. Amazon.com: CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS System, 1500VA/900W, 12 Outlets, AVR, Mini-Tower : Electronics
  10. Used to be all into ThemeXP back in the day. I feel like the older most get the less we care about vanity and that seems to slip into other aspects of life. If it works and I'm not going to get a ticket between my house and Home Depot, I'm good. Win 11 with a decent wallpaper and dark mode, I'm ballin'.
  11. Which way are these fans blowing? Out or in to your case? (The radiator fans)
  12. I'm saying it won't make much (if at all) of a difference. Therefore it would be extra money spent for nearly no gain. Many people have already said this in response to your original question. @YoungBladeprovided a great video that would help explain as well. Just for good measure, here's another: Virtually no difference. Don't worry about changing the ram is what we're saying. You'd be better off spending the extra $50 toward a nice wireless mouse or something.
  13. If ultimately you're asking if you should replace or return your current sticks for the lower latency versions... Let me answer that by asking a question. Do you like spending money on things that you won't see an appreciable difference with?