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    Moss bluf Louisiana
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    Audio csgo Minecraft cod black ops


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    I5 9400f
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    16gb ddr4 Corsair rgb
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    Rx 580 8gb nitro special edition
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    Cougar Gemini s
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    Scepter 30in 21:9 200hz a ten year old tv
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    Gamemax 240mm aio
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    Velocifire 71 key wireless
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    Razer viper ultimate
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    Schiit modius , schiit Asgard , loxjie p20 with 6n3p tubes, fideleo x2hr, hifiman edition s, trn st1
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    Windows 10
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    Hp pavilion with 1650
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    iPhone 7

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  1. No they are all in he same headphone with different levels of venting 20 open 40 closed 50 uses a thick mesh
  2. Do you know if it is easy to mod the fostex to basically switch a 20 to 40 or 50
  3. What is the planar sound?
  4. Have you tried the t20rp t40rp or t50rp cause I’m thinking of getting those but I can’t find any new reviews
  5. The cheapest one I can find is 110$ does anyone know where I can get one it is the one sided cable
  6. What about the Dekoni blue from massdrop
  7. I feel like the 5xx would be more comfortable and is only ten dollars more so I am not thinking about the 400i
  8. Do you know what connection this is
  9. I can’t find one for 250$
  10. I am currently looking at a mr speaker mad dog for 150, m1060, he560, the normal foster tx0rp line, and the he 5xx
  11. I found a he 560 for 200$ are they any good
  12. 63519013284__68C1805D-D7A1-4702-B4AF-B3AE48D4F097.MOV
  13. My friends power is out due to a storm so I am the only one who can play I will reply to this with a screenshot of my current base it is survival except when building your base
  14. Ok but first I have to find someone to buy my hd 579’s and balanced cables for them