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  1. Agree
    Aphala reacted to Jurrunio in H60 i7 4790k 4.4GHz HIGH TEMPS   
    thermal paste just dried to crisps, probably.
  2. Funny
    Aphala reacted to i_build_nanosuits in Should I wait for Volta?   
  3. Informative
    Aphala got a reaction from Hiitchy in JayzTwoCents will no longer be accepting review samples from AMD, plans to buy his own units   
  4. Funny
    Aphala reacted to mrthuvi in IS $30 worth going from a 1700 to 1700x?   
    Holly shit.... No wonder it died.
  5. Agree
    Aphala reacted to The Sloth in Ryzen R5 1600 vs i7 4930k vs i7 4790k   
    ryzen 1600 
  6. Agree
    Aphala got a reaction from Rohime in Mixing AMD and Nvidia GPU   
    Unless you are some sort of technomancer....not likely or you make some bitchin' hybrid card though the darkest and most vile sorcery. 
  7. Agree
    Aphala reacted to openthatchest in 1050 Ti SSC problems   
    working on it. thanks for this.
  8. Agree
    Aphala reacted to IntensoPop in Ultimate Programming Resources Thread   
    Very helpful Web-Dev source (SQL as well)
    For German speaking Members Rheinwerk-Verlag is a good source for free online readable books with different topics
    How about another category for "usefull/necessary stuff for development"?
    Free Icons Pack for development with Visual Studio Product family: Visual Studio Image Library
    As mentioned in the EULA
  9. Agree
    Aphala reacted to HippY in GTA 5 modding   
    Take-Two was the body that took OpenIV down, and they are the business people behind Rockstar.
    Anyways, it is a game that I want, and I will not buy money in GTA online, so I only want single player with mods, occasional fun with online with mates
  10. Agree
    Aphala reacted to Aytex in OnePlus5   
    Well, if you're happy with your 3t or OP5 thats good. 
    This should answer some of your questions.
    I dont think 3T to oneplus 5 would be an upgrade for me. 821 is still a great SOC, and camera is still up to par. I'm not a whole dual camera person. More of a curved display. But still. I dont see much of a difference for me to upgrade to the 5
  11. Agree
    Aphala got a reaction from DocSwag in OnePlus5   
    Yeah seems to be a thing in the tech industry as a whole. ?
  12. Funny
    Aphala reacted to cpuwaiy in New to Come from Intel: 6-core i7-7800X sells for $389   
    They're screwing over the builders that put together a 7700k system late last year.
  13. Agree
    Aphala reacted to Fooshi in Why does RAZER get a bad rep?   
    Doesn't defend a shitty business practice. One of the reasons why GFE will never be installed on my PC.
  14. Like
    Aphala reacted to linustouchtips in Someone explain G-Sync to me   
    it means you pay a lot more money than a standard monitor.
  15. Agree
    Aphala reacted to Cruorzy in CSGO Smurf   
    Oh god, git gud. Ranked is about building your skills so you actually achieved it. It is not about who has the highest emblem.
  16. Funny
    Aphala got a reaction from Aphexxis in Most talented singers WITHOUT autotune.   
    That's what happens when you get bands from the 70's / 80's that are practically look alike draugers form Skyrim by today's standards, the replacement synths sometimes DO forget which way to hold guitars but we've got the bug tracking team on this one. 
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    Aphala reacted to Seamonster420 in Old PC game I can't remember.   
    Oh I was in no way endorsing it. It's a pile.
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    Aphala reacted to Atmos in OC for Fury X (Sapphire)   
    I've only brought mine up to 1075-1085, not a huge change, and only a slight performance increase. They Fury X is by no means an overclockers card.
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    Aphala reacted to Bogica in OC for Fury X (Sapphire)   
    Try the new Sapphire TriXX software, it's supposed to let you OC the memory. But be careful with it!
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    Aphala got a reaction from Madfang in Experiences with non-techies   
    Rage, Rage everywhere.
    I had to tell everyone at work (6 people) how to set up a bloody projector. Because Laptop Output VGA > Projector Input VGA...IMPOSSIBLE!
    When I had to get the start bar back on my grans laptop.
    It's when people don't understand and you have to tell them 20 times [My patience is virtually non existant]
    Oh well, I guess a lot of people over 50 aren't used to all this high tech wizardry (Not all of em! Elric!) I guess when some of use are 50+ we will be the same I hope not.
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    Aphala got a reaction from xAcid9 in Are these temps too high?   
    It's all good now, Got my self the Fury X no more issue with heat The card wasn't that dusty which was a good sign
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    Aphala got a reaction from don_svetlio in Are these temps too high?   
    It's all good now, Got my self the Fury X no more issue with heat The card wasn't that dusty which was a good sign
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    Aphala got a reaction from Praesi in Evga 980Ti Hybrid // Zotac 980ti AMP! Extreme   
    Zotac, EVGA are getting to the point of being overrated just because of a warranty even though Zotac do a 5 year warranty which is more than enough but EVGA fanboyisim is stronk on LTT forums.  Sure both cards delivar a kick arse OC but Zotac are actually under rated.
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    Aphala reacted to raladin3D in dying Old PC vs new and wait for pascal?   
    In a major way I agree with you! the only problem is that if I want a newer Motherboard (if i want to upgrade my Rams) I'll need to get the DDR4 since new motherboards (X99) don't accept DDR3.
    And vise versa where older motherboards can't run DDR4.
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    Aphala got a reaction from RobTapps in Cheapest 8GB gpu?   
    R9 390 for sure!