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    You will need to know that you know you will need to know under the understanding of that you know what you already need to know.
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  1. New PCI standard looks good or so they say 4.0 if approved any time soon looks on paper to be wicked fast. Spicy info.
  2. Then complain. That's the only course of action. Amazon are good with refunds and the likes.
  3. I like that one better if i'm going to be honest, it's mid way between the 90s block designs and today's sleek af logos.
  4. Check the thermal paste it does sound cooked, reapplication of it will bring it back to semi-nominal levels. Try and get a 240 rad if your case allows it.
  5. I've resigned myself to this fate to be fair most of it is just games and images so it's all re-downloadable (thank Talos for 1st world internet!). Those thread are always a good laugh. Just say "Acta non verba"
  6. As someone who's had 2 iPhones in the past the phones are exceptional and run amazingly...but the price is what kills it if they were half the price they'd sell beyond expected projections but alas one can dream!
  7. I like living on the edge, I don't use backups.
  8. Really? I am running a 1080 and running games like FO4 / Destiny with relative ease @ 4K with 95% of settings maxed.
  9. Cash grab for sure, it's entirely unnecessary and a waste just get a 1080 or RX 56 or something. Nvidia are just being goofy now.
  10. Be careful, I had a WD 1TB OEM one from way back when and it had the same issue then totally fucked my OS bootup for some reason, had to disable it via Devmgmt for it to stop fiddling with my SSD boot, i'd look at backing important stuff up asap if i were you.
  11. Most CPU's have integrated graphics so you don't need a GPU to specifically display the desktop. Try running one GPU in both PCIE slots and the try it with the other one if possible could be a cable issue as Shreyas stated, do mix and match with cables / slots and gpu's to determine if one GPU is causing the display to fail displaying information.
  12. Well don't quote me on it but what ever happened you're lucky the motherboard wasn't take out Anyway sucks it happened but thems the breaks with technology. Hopefully you'll get back up and running soon.
  13. Seems like a good PSU can't see any faults or exceptionally bad reviews on it, sounds like the PCI-e slot gave up, silly question was the card installed correctly? Like completely inserted as that's the only thing I can really think of that would remotely come close to causing it.
  14. Hmm it's goosed for sure, very lucky the capacitor next to it didn't pop as well. Not without proper gear, what model is it? Also sad times ahead.