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  1. Check Destiny 2, it's quite similar
  2. Just checked all above, disconnected back fan, checked pcie connector and i was grounded during removal by psu. I've recorded how it looks when i start game, you will notice top half flickering in horizontal stripes 20210306_211445.mp4
  3. Led TN display 1920x1080 dvi connection 60hz I've tried different GPU and it has no issues, it seems harder i use this one it gets worse. Any clue what's going on?
  4. Yesterday I've relocated hardware to my new case and all of the sudden every time I run any game top half of screen has stripes pattern that flicker. It not noticeable when it's bright background, but on darker colors it gets annoying and on gray its the worst. Any idea what is going on? Tried reinstalling drivers, reinserting ram, gpu, checked cords and nothing seems to fix it. If I don't run game, there is no flicker at all. Rx570 Ryzen 3 3300x HyperX Predator 2x8gb 3200mhz Seasonic Focus Gold 750w b550m Asus Tuf
  5. No, I've read that motherboard standoffs can fry motherboard and since they are connected to case which lights up my neon screwdriver, it worries me that case might be under electrical current.
  6. I'm planning to get new motherboard in a few days, kind of worried about those short circuit stuff I've read online. For some time I will have to use old no-name case and I've noticed that my neon screwdriver lights up if I touch screws on case or metal parts inside. I don't feel any electricity under hand though. Can this be a problem?
  7. I bought new RX 570 Strix 8gb few months ago for about 150e, checked price now and its around 350e. Other cards are around same price, a bit higher. I know about mining craze atm but this is low end card why did price rise so much?
  8. Hey there, I'm planning to get Asus Tuf B550M motherboard and I like HyperX Predator ram 2x8gb 3200 MHz (HX432C16PB3AK2/16), thing is I can't seem to find it on Motherboard supported page. I did manage to find HX432C16PB3K2/16 which is non-rgb black version so I wonder does this mean it will work? Also will I need Bios upgrade for this mobo if I use Ryzen 3 3100? Thanks!