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    Ryzen 9 3900x
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    Asus Tuf Gamer X570 Pro
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    GSkill Trident Z Neo 32 Gig (2x16) 3600
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    GeForce GT 1303 & Quadro P620 v2
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    Asus Tuf Gamer GT-301
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    Seagate 1 TB SSD
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    Corsair RM850x
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    HP 20" IPS, (Some square flat panel as well)
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    Artic Chiller Liquid Coler II 360
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    Logitec Wireless Keyboard
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  1. I am glad that I can help with a good cause, helping to oust this worldly stuff, and get life back to normal, all the while not having my new computer just sit idle at home. (Really bugs me that it did before, and I do not want to be mining either) One question that I have, is if I want to use my second computer to fold as well, would I use the same passkey, or would I need a different one for each computer?
  2. I have signed up, and I hope I have everyting ready and correct. First time folding, wanting to do some good with my idle computer, that is Not mining....
  3. Thanks, That is what I was thinking. My NH1 was open, so I used that, and I will keep the Arctic for when the NH-1 is done.
  4. I will run AIDA64 in a moment to test, and I was using Task Manager to watch the clock speed, and HWinfo (CPUID) to watch the temps. The moment that the temp spikes up, the clock goes down to base on that full load.
  5. I upgraded from my HP A10-800k, to my New Ryzen 9 system with the Arctic LC II 360. When I put a load on it, Cinabench R20, the CPU temp spikes up with in seconds (About 75c-80c), and then CPU throddles... When the run ends, it comes down. I am not sure if this is kinda normal, or if something is not right. I have watched GN's video on the orentation of the Rad. My case will only let me mount it front/hoses top, though the pump is about 1/3 down from the top of the rad. I do hear the air movement at the top of the rad now and then, but it sounds minor and quiet. I have my fans/pump set to go a
  6. Thank you. It is always good to get a second opinion.
  7. I have at home a tube of NoctuaNT-H1 compound, and i just bought a AC LC 360 AIO, and it has a small amount if MX-4 compound. Does one perform better than the other? Does it matter in the long run?
  8. I think it was these fans that I was looking at, it has been a few weeks... https://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX00114165 InWinSaturn ASN120 120mm ARGB Case Fans Kit, 3x 120mm, Triple Pack
  9. It is more so, I am wanting the RGB fans to match the rest of the set up. I was looking at RGB ones that are the same ish specs... then I looked down the filter list and thought, why not go stronger...
  10. I am going to be buying an Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 tomorrow, and I was wondering, if I buy some RGB fans that have a higher CFM and higher static presure, would that allow it to run slower/quieter than the stock fans? Would it really make a differance?
  11. When I was planning out my new system, I was excited to get my Team Red RX6800 and my Ryzen 9 5900x. Then it happended, they all disapeared. I am trying to find a... any video card for this New system. (I can not transplant my APU from my A10-6800, and the GPU I had died on me). I have found an Asus GT 1030 on Canada Computer, and I saw a few scares cards on Mem Exp. Is there any other site or place online in Canada or Alberta in store that might have a decently priced card that is better than the GT1030? I would Love to find a Radeon card..... I just want to make sure that I am no
  12. I am slowly building my new system, and I am left pondering... what is worse. Waiting untill income tax refund time, or for when a Ryzen 9 5900x and a decent Radion card is in stock in Western Canada.... At least right now, I can start at my Asys Tuff Gammer case......
  13. I am pre building my new system, looking at getting a Ryzen 5xxx series chip. I know my case supports 120mm to 360mm Rads, but I am not sure what is a decent size to look at buying? I watched the LTT Air vs AIO, and I was left confused at the end of it. I have not found or seen a chart that says this size is roughly good for these chips/thermals.