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  1. can anyone tell me why my disk is at 50% and my ssd is also at 100% can any tell me how to fix this please Edit: something in steam was updating and was using 50% of my disk
  2. Yea I already did all that
  3. Does anyone know why quick assist kept popping up for no reason idk the hot key for it so maybe I was pressing it but I have disabled and deleted it but I’m just curious why that was happening
  4. i dont normally visit websites that i have never heard about or doesn't have a good rep so i should be fine right?
  5. Do i need a third party anti virus or should i continue to use windows security?
  6. oh okay thank you for the info :))
  7. oh okay but the only things using up alot of ram is Anitmalware service executable,ubisoft connect, and service host: Diagnostic policy
  8. My computer is using 29% of my ram when i am idle is this normal, or do i have a virus?
  9. does anyone know if i have to upgrade something in my system or if i need to do something else to stop the stuttering CPU-ryzen 3 2300x GPU-rx 570 4gb RAM- 8 gb
  10. I use competitive video settings so i dont think its that and i also reinstalled the game and it worked for a week or so then it just started happening again,
  11. idk what you mean by that but i have it capped at 80 fps but then it will drop at random times like in a gun fight and it will drop to 40-30 fps
  12. Does anyone know how to fix fps drops whenever I alt tab? cause it only happens when ever i play tom clancy's rainbow six siege.
  13. Can upgrading to 16 gb of ram from 8 help with fps drops