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  1. so i have a MSI 2A9C what would be the best compatible ram be for this
  2. Thankyou j know it was a stupid question but just had to know
  3. Ok so I don’t know if I’m in the right place for this question and I know it’s sounds stupid but I need to know if I’m going away from my computer should I put it in sleep mode and when I go to sleep should I shut down my pc correct me if I’m wrong shut wanna know the best thing to do so I don’t damage anything thanks in advance
  4. So for a while now my pc was having a hdd error saying “failure is imminent” but after a while of my computer being off it would come back on normaly but today was different it came up with the error so I turned my computer off for a while but when I turned it back on and it said that I need to select a correct boot drive or something I checked and all the cables are connected and I went into bios and it cannot detect my hdd can someone help me
  5. I just watched that video Thankyou though for the help nearly had a panic attack
  6. Hi o don’t know if I’m in the right place here but can someone help me I’ve recently bought a pc it was working fine until I turned it off when I turned it on it came up with a message saying reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in select boot device and press a key please help me fix this
  7. So I have recently bought a new pc and it only has 500gb of storage but I have another hdd. My old hdd was in my other pc which had an error and wouldn’t boot (still doesent) I was wondering if I should put my old hdd in my new pc but I don’t want it to corrupt the pc or brake it in anyway can someone help my out?