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  1. Okay sorry so I’m trying to have my gaming pc audio routed over to my streaming pc my mic is fine I can plug that into the streaming pc all I need help with is routing gaming pc audio to the streaming without voicemeeter
  2. But that isn’t what I’m trying to do cause I know about that im pretty much just trying to route my gaming pc audio to my streaming pc with what I got and I don’t know any way to do it without voicemeeter
  3. I have the umc22 and what would I be plugging in and where
  4. Do you recommend any that could bring over my mic and my audio to the streaming pc
  5. Just want gaming computer and mic to go to streaming pc that’s it
  6. I’m gaming on pc1 streaming on pc2 and I just need gaming audio to streaming and mic to streaming
  7. That should be fine then I’ll get an aux cable and save for the go xlr but where could I plug the ends into and also would the normal go xlr be able to route all my audio from each pc and the mic into the streaming pc
  8. I have multiple options I’ve seen from videos on how to do this by using voice meter or ndi but I don’t want to use those I would rather go an easier way so would an aux cable be able send my gaming pc audio to my streaming pc and if not is there any mixers of some sort that are reasonable cheaper than the go xlr mini that would work the same way
  9. That seemed confusing I meant do you have any cheap mixer alternatives that you recommend could let me route gaming to streaming pc with mic and audio and everything
  10. so would you have any cheap alternatives as a mixer that would get me to route all audios into it so i can stream without having to worry about software
  11. Ive tried for days and days to fix this but everything ive seen on videos is really unnecessary and has latency or just sucks. Im mainly talking about voicemeeter. But i really need a way to route my gaming pc audio to my streaming pc while also having my headphones still in my gaming pc. Hearing the streaming pc for me doesnt matter as alerts are not a problem i will have them pulled up on the gaming pc. Is there a way i can do this i also have the hd60 pro if that helps at all. Ive gone through using the audio for elgato sound capture but that required me to have my headphones plugged into m
  12. it is recent but i think i have it all covered now it isnt doing that anymore after i searched and downloaded some old drivers that they dont have on there site anymore but now it says line in and seems to sound fine but when i press the direct monitoring button i still dont hear anything
  13. yeah i just tried and maxed the volume in the control panel for the mic and the there is so much noise even with the gain nob all the way down i dont know what to do im also using the mxl 770 if thats the problem but ive never seen anything saying anything bad about the mic especially like that