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  1. Hello guys! Even though some GPUs is sold out all over Amazon and other places, I'm looking to buy a decent GPU for my HP Elitedesk 800 G2. Since it only have 200W I can only use Low profile GPU. I currently have a MSI 1050ti which works great with the 200W but I want to upgrade it since these low profile cards only consume max 75W. Now between these two GTX 1650, which one would you recommend and is there any significant difference between them? I've been looking around and found out that the Asus GPU have Zero RPM when it's in idle mode up to 55-60
  2. Hmm then I shall see what would be the best option for me. I honestly have nothing against it being on the floor, there isn't just enough space if I put on the floor. That's the main issue. I can't even put it on the sides, since the right side of the desk is a wall and to the left is my bed. I had Tower PCs before and It was pain in the ass since there wasn't enough leg-room. It felt like I was on the airplane and tried to squeeze my legs just to fit, but in this case I'm stuck with it all the time, if I didn't make any changes, thus the SFF PC And buying a new desk isn't a
  3. Hmm after looking a bit further, would the Tower version be better? I keep reading that it have 320W, would the upgrades I want to do above work? I can also see that the Mid tower version have 4 "legs" on the side, which mean that it may be possible to lay it down on the desk instead of putting it on the floor? Well I got a price for about $250... Is that any good? Buuuut as I wrote above, after looking at some images of the Mid Tower version, I might get that from eBay instead, since i believe it have 320W instead AND that it have like 4 "legs" that I think i
  4. Yeah hahahah so all I need to buy is the computer itself and an SSD and I'm all set! I'm thinking to go for the G2 instead, since that have 240W :) Yeah I know it doesn't make any sense mate, but I like to lay the computer down beside the screen on the desk. I don't want to a computer on the floor I've had like 3 Tower PC, all on the floor, I with my desk I don't have that space, since it's a small one. That's why I need a SFF which is more convenient. I mean this PC isn't going to be the ultimate PC gaming, but I want it to play some games. The current SFF I have
  5. The thing is that I already have a 1050Ti home right now. And I'm using it on my HP Compaq 8100, which have 240W. It have been working great more than 2 years now. So instead of buying a new graphic I would just need to buy a new SSD instead :) To be honest, a friend is selling it. Yeah I know, but I currently use a HP Compaq 8100 with 240W and I've been using my 1050Ti on it more than 2 years now and it's working great. So I would like to keep having a SFF computer since I don't have a much room to put a Tower PC :) its also more convenient. Thank you! I
  6. Hello guys! There is a PC I've seen that is relatively cheap that I want to buy, which is the HP Elitedesk 800 G2 SFF. The specs for it is; CPU: i5-6500 SSD: 240GB (I want to upgrade to Samsung 860 Evo 1TB) RAM: 16GB RAM, 2400 Mhz GPU: None (if you don't count the Intel HD), but I have a GTX 1050 Ti Low profile that I want to add and use. Now since this doesn't have a lot of PSU, i think it's either 200W or 240W, is it possible to buy a Samsung 860 Evo 1TB (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-MZ-76E1T0B-EU-So