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  1. Recently I made a post about AutoCad rendering my pc nearly useless. Now I think I might be wrong about it. After "zero-ing" my SSD where the system resides and fresh Windows 10 install I have about 2-3 days of peace but after that when I'm trying to type something in Polish with special characters like: ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ź, ż, my pc becomes slower (there is the significant lag when typing them, like watching videos, a frame is "locked" and suddenly video speeds up drastically to catch up), Windows loading cursor appears and some of the programs are closing themselves. Nothing wrong appears
  2. From what I remember all of those programs were behaving normally in Task Manager. They would appear, take whatever resources they needed, and after few seconds just disappeared. I have literally like +20 chrome tabs opened in the back and never seen anything like this. I have even tried opening notepad without anything else ant still it would close itself. Funny enough while writing above rant, the problem remained but now after getting back home and turning PC, there is no sign of it. But Still, I think I will just DD at least SSD because it should be ready in maybe 2 hours.
  3. Hello. I recently started apprenticeships in my school (loosely regarding my field of study but school is a school) and on the first day of them, we had to make student accounts on Autodesk and download Autocad. Everything went fine for like 3/4 days and suddenly when I was attending class on Microsoft Teams, writing something in notepad, and obviously playing games from time to time suddenly every app excluding Chrome, Firefox, Discord, Steam, and maybe Asus GPU Tweak II closed. After trying to reopen notepad, writing something for less than 20 seconds and it again closing itself I tried to s
  4. Country: Poland Hello, this is my first post on this forum. Recently I upgraded my pc (basically bought a new one with exception for case, cpu cooler, and all my drives). I moved from i5-4690k, MSI gaming 3 z97 (one front panel USB 2.0 is dead due to bent pin on Mobo connector - repairable), 2x4 GB DDR3 2400 MHz RAM from G.Skill, Thermaltake Smart Series 630W 87% efficiency PSU and MSI GTX 970 oc edition, all parts were bought in 2016 but used only for 3 years(for 1 year I wasn’t even using it). Right now I don’t know what to do with those leftovers. For example, looking on CPU prices (in