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    Core 2 Duo E8500
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    Biostar G41D3C
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  1. this happened to me with a graphic card and i was able to fix it by updating the bios. hope that helps
  2. or just open the local disk u installed the app into and type its name on the search bar
  3. it's unlikely to be the DNS. maybe try downloading from a different site or from a different download mirror
  4. if so, the network utilization will be high even when ur download is slow
  5. go to networking tab in task manager and check the bandwidth usage when that download gets slow. maybe something else is f@king with ur bandwidth
  6. after the 3070 arrives, use display driver uninstaller to completely remove any driver you install for the cheap card before putting in the 3070 and installing its drivers
  7. dont try to open the Windows 10 setup .exe file through ubuntu. if that windows setup contain files (or folders) having the name "boot" in them, then it is bootable. if so, plug in the usb drive containing the setup and do the following: copy the Windows setup to a USB drive keep it plugged to ypur laptop restart the laptop when the screen show's your motherboard's brand name, press F11 or F12 (actually u gotta google what the boot menu key of ur laptop is) in the boot menu, select that usb drive which contains the windows setup. should appear somewhat like
  8. run task manager. u can get to it by right clicking on the taskbar. in the task manager, there is a tab called processes. click on it and u'll see all the programs going on in the background
  9. did u install any software that may be running in the background? that could cause this type of an issue
  10. have you tried installing Windows from the boot menu?
  11. Disk Wiping differences between filling sectors with 0 filling sectors with 1 filling sectors with 0 and 1 DoD and how successful are these methods
  12. this mobo just works without posting. doesn't go into a boot loop. and it's an old mobo lol (from my first build, in fact) so there's no use of swapping the bios chip. fan header adapters are a nice idea though