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  1. Ok took me 7 days in to get my HDMI to DVI cable and just got to test the PHILIPS 223V5LHSB2 21.5IN monitor now. Sorry for kinda resurrecting this thread. The monitor has seemingly too much white (i.e. colors washed out) that can't be removed through adjusting monitor settings or nvidia control panel settings.Its viewing angles also suck because its a TFT monitor. I should've gone for an IPS monitor for my 2nd monitor because that way it can be viewed at an angle and these types of monitors have good viewing angles. To reduce the white I've already tried the following: -Bri
  2. Interesting. I have never tried using a 2 prong plug with a earth/grounding wire protuding out. Trying to find the name for this plug as a whole if its been termed. Otherwise if its some mad contraption that someone made in attempting to make the mains cable of the monitor grounded instead of making the end a 3 prong plug with a grounding pin, I'd rather try a different mains cable instead lol. The letters written on the white tag that's strapped onto the end of the 2 prong plug is in Japanese (I can't read it) and there's a label named "Honglin" at the IEC end of this cable. Overall this plug
  3. @mariushm I bought the (LCD) Philips monitor PHILIPS 223V5LHSB2 21.5IN monitor. There were some things about it that didn't meet my expectations. The monitor has both a HDMI and VGA plug slot, however it only came with a VGA-VGA plug? What is Philips thinking...skimping on HDMI plugs Also the power cord that it came with has some attached thing that I don't know. I have never encountered this in monitors yet, still trying to find out what its called. There was also some broken plastic on top of the mount when I opened it, but it see
  4. Uhm...my Casing itself still utilizes case fans. I'm not liquid cooled, but I use several Noctua NF-P12s fans that have SSO-Bearings (https://noctua.at/en/nf-p12) which is said to last for a lifetime, so I'm not bothered replacing case fans. @HairlessMonkeyBoy I'm from Asia, but i'd rather not say Edit: Just found out about this issue on Seasonic Powersupplies. It seems that Focus + series has GPU compatibility issues, but they didn't specify which GPUs... https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/seasonic-issues-warning-focus-plus-psu-has-gpu-compatibility-issues,3.htm
  5. All of those PSUs that I have listed are available locally in my area I was looking to get a Nvidia RX3060 around december, however scalping issues happened + covid makes it worse. Price still kinda high, maybe I might just wait for the next series after that. I've also yet to try these fan-less PSUs, but I can imagine the dust build-up due to it might be worse as there's many holes in which dust bunnies can accumulate: https://seasonic.com/prime-titanium-fanless
  6. Ok so my current power supply is a Thermaltake Toughpower XT 875W. I do not over clock anything on my pc. This PSU is so superb, it has never failed on me since I installed it I think around 2009-2010. Its now 2021. (11 years?!) I am not going to tempt fate however, by continuing to run my PC with this PSU as I must respect the laws and limitations set by physics and thermodynamics. Although I have never opened its insides, the box cover of that PSU claims that it uses Japanese capacitors (https://www.tweaktown.com/image.php?image=https://static.tweaktown.com/content/3/7/3736_05_full.jpg). I s
  7. Ok noted. I found one more monitor that can be added to the existing list of monitors to consider: LG 22MN430H-B Specs: https://www.lg.com/hk_en/monitor/lg-22MN430H-B Refresh Rate: 75 Hz Connector: HDMI Power Consumption: 19.7W Turns out that it is an IPS Panel monitor and not a TN So its either gonna be this or 3.) then, but i'll still be inquiring for availability as well. I'll also be posting about PSUs shortly as my PSU is aging, and so I can go to the computer shop in one go to avoid too much covid exposure. Thanks again for the info so far!
  8. Very enlightening. Hmm - What's the difference between a cabled monitor adapter and a cable-less one? (Apart from the price, cable is more expensive than without a cable) Cabled Without a cable Hahaha yeah. I meant - if only there was a naming convention/standard set in stone like Male: Female. So if someone said DVI - HDMI, everyone would know that the male part is DVI and the female part is HDMI, otherwise gotta look at the pic. I came across a bunch of adapters whose names were flipped like topsy turvy.
  9. Pretty much 2.) is screwed to begin with (marketing scam), because VGA's limitation is 60 Hz , but I placed it there as an option to see if it being a LED monitor makes it a considerable choice. Are LED monitors any better than LCDs? I'm wondering as well - does that mean if a monitor has a more modern Display input (example: HDMI or Display Port) AND a legacy display input (DVI or VGA) then that is the monitor to tend to go for? Yes I forgot about DVI to HDMI adapters lol. I could do that with option 3. I always get mixed up what side do they mean as male or female, that I a
  10. I am looking to replace my 2nd Monitor because suddenly its brightness and contrast went to max and I can't change it (Menu is jamming) and it hurts my eyes, the monitor is only used for viewing additional files/web browsing (basically screen resolution real estate expansion dual screen set-up), however most modern monitors I found either come in VGA or HDMI ports and not DVI??? VGA is only limited to 60Hz, and some monitors that are rated up to 75 Hz refresh rate are only coming out with VGA ports? My Graphics card has a HDMI and a DVI port (Not sure which DVI i will check on the
  11. I think they are both drops and spikes. When the electricity is out and then comes back rushing in (Correct me if I'm wrong, i'm no electrician). I'm currently running 2 UPS's anyhow (I know its overkill but I will explain why and furthermore, as to why I am asking this question of plugging in monitors to wall outlets). My PSU is a 875W Thermaltake Toughpower XT 80 Plus Bronze PSU. It's over 6-7 years old now and It hasn't failed yet (I know i'm gonna have to replace it soon but this covid crisis is making it hard). My CPU is an Intel i5-4460 and GPU is Nvidia GTX 1060
  12. Hello I am currently on a dual monitor setup. I have a BENQ XL2411P Monitor (144hz) and a SamsungSync Master 233HD (70Hz), the latter of which lasts quite a long time (7-8 years or so). I live in an area where typhoons hit us seasonally (hence power outages) so, directly plugging in my PC's PSU cable to the wall outlet is not an option for me to be considered at all. However I am unsure of what is the case for monitors - can they generally withstand voltage fluctuations as well as a television would when directly connected to the wall socket? or are they also considered sensitive e