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  1. Your prediction was wrong, lol. I think BTC is gonna go down in 2-3 days but then up again. But cryptocurrencies are in general pretty volatile, so it's hard to predict anything. My only strategy is to get more bitcoins when they're going down and they sell a part of them when it goes to the moon. I usually use https://bittrade.one/cryptocurrency-converter when I need to understand when I have to sell or buy. Sometimes it's difficult to understand the crypto market, but it's still better than using fiat, lol.
  2. This happens sometimes. I remember that someone tried to hack my acc several times but failed of course.
  3. Oh, quite an old thread, don't you think? Anyway, as we talk about dyson fans, mine finally stopped working two months ago. Wanna buy something new but don't know what exactly. Surprisingly, it is not easy to find a good table fan 'cause their warranty expires quite fast. I talked with my friend from a repair company and he told me that it's better to buy a new one than repair the old fan. By the way, my dad recommended me to contact an appliance repair specialist who could fix my fan without any doubts. And I don't know what to do now.