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  1. So i helped my buddy build a pc, his specs are i5 4460 12 gb of DDR3 Some dell mobo that came in his pc GTX 970 Aresgame 500W psu The MOBO, CPU and ram all came with the pc. So we recently switched his old GPU for a 1650 with GDDR6, and it worked flawlessly. Then we decided to return the 1650 because we bought it for way to much money and we got the GTX 970 to replace it. BUT, when we put in this 970 it would not post at all. I tried it in 2 different pcs and it worked in both, but those pcs had better specs. I tried it on my rig and it booted up just fine,
  2. Well im only getting 30% usage on my gpu and cpu for gtaV so its not just Warzone, me and my friends both run at the same settings, ive already said this, ive reset my whole pc and the problem still persists. Its a hardware issue for sure because ive used a ddu aswell.
  3. I now am trying gta V and i get 30% usage for cpu and gpu usage
  4. We both did benchmarks and i got better performance by 20% in gaming, i used userbenchmark.com benchmark tool. Here are my results https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/37579186. This is my friends https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/37579207
  5. My friend has the same settings as me or even set higher than mine in warzone. And ive already optimized the in-game settings.
  6. Ive already downgraded the settings completely in the game yet i still get bad fps. I have all of the latest drivers and updates for windows and nvidia games etc... I have a new motherboard and ram that comes in tomorrow, I'm aware the ram wont do much and same with the motherboard because its worth it to upgrade them both.
  7. My cpu never goes above 65 and gpu never goes above 80. I dont think any programs are running in the background but i have not tried a clean boot, could you tell me how?
  8. My resolution in game is 1920x1080 and same with my monitor in display settings, I've already optimized Nvidia control panel
  9. I used to get decent fps in warzone but lately ive been gettings bad fps, as in 80-100 fps. I checked to make sure that everything was plugged in correctly and all the way, which they are. I've updated bios and checked that my temps were not going above 80 or throttling. My friend has an i7 9700f and an RX 580 4gb with 16gb ram and an asrock motherboard which im not sure the model. And he gets better fps than my by like 10 when my gpu compared to his is way better. Ive also used a DDU and i reset cmos. PLZ HELP ME CPU: i7 8700k Graphics: Zotac 2060 S mini Ram: Crucial 32gb 2666