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  1. But i5-10400f is so cheap here, its so worth imo
  2. Well, 5600x is 400€ here so lets forget about this option
  3. I don't want to switch from intel to amd not because of fanboying, idk i just prefer intel, did AMD cpu's really improved in the past? What build would you recommend with ryzen?
  4. Yes they're in stock but Asus tuf is 187 and the gigabyte is 197 euros. I'm literally lost in these boards lol
  5. what about Asus Z490-P or Asus PRIME Z490M-PLUS ? I could easily get the one you've mentioned but its out of stock here
  6. I think I'll get a z490 together with a better ram and upgrade to a K cpu later someday. Which budget z490 is a decent option?
  7. Budget is around 450euros Pc is needed mostly for gaming.I already have a GTX 1060 6GB its still enough for me as I don't play newest titles. I was thinking about i5-10400f but dont know if its worth getting z490 and ram with faster mhz, or just a cheaper b460 board?