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  1. ShrimpBrime, would you happen to know a good video i could watch to get a decent tutorial on using the QuickCPU applocation? I have it downloaded and setup and it looks very intriguing, right up the alley i was looking for. I want to make sure i have a general understanding before i go throwing sliders around, unless it really is as simple as raising the minimum clock slider and apply? I have a feeling being the cpu there might be a little more to it so that things run smoothly?
  2. Awesome thanks yall! to keep it short i started as a lowly console gamer transition and i honestly dont even game to much anymore ive absolutely fallen smitten with enthusiasm for computers. Just a beginner trying to go further. Happy Holidays!!! (couple pics for good measure)
  3. My temps while running cinebench are 59-60 Celsius. If I put my front panel on it’s about 62-63. I know that’s irrelevant just trying to cover all bases.
  4. Hey y’all! I’m net to the forum, and I’m looking for some assistance. I’ve noticed that my cpu runs at boost speed anytime it’s really not under load. About 4.6 or so. As soon as I open up Cinebench and start a multi core run, it drops to a solid 3.5, utilization jumps to 100. And it sits there. As soon as I stop or the test is done it ramps back to 4.6. My temps are decent sitting at 59-60 throughout the entire run. Power settings in windows are set as should be. Haven’t changed much in the bios. Specs: i7 9700f Gigabyte B365M DS3H WiFi 32gbs HyperX Fury RAM 8 x 4