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    Earache got a reaction from Lord Mirdalan in Looking for palm grip mouse for big hand (replacement for Func MS-3)   
    Thank you for sharing! It eases my concerns about potential poor build quality.
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    Earache reacted to Lord Mirdalan in Looking for palm grip mouse for big hand (replacement for Func MS-3)   
    I've had mine for 14 months. The aluminum plating on the bottom has worn off in some places, but other than that, it has withstood many (8-10) hours of use daily, and being transported in my backpack to and from school and work. Of course, the "bumpy" finish has worn smooth where my fingers rest, and the feet have worn a bit, but that's to be expected. My one reservation is that the cord is non-replaceable, so without soldering skills and the fortitude to open the mouse up, when the cord goes, so will the mouse.
    The driver is fantastic, and one of the best customizeable-key interfaces I've used, it doesn't ask for updates often, and stays in the background (No popups, etc.).
    All of that being said, I fully intend to buy another one when this model dies.
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    Earache reacted to Corsair Nick in Looking for palm grip mouse for big hand (replacement for Func MS-3)   
    Official measurements are: 130.0(L) x 80.0(W) x 45.0(H) mm / 5.12”(L) x 3.15”(W) x 1.77”(H)
    Let me know if you are looking for anything else.
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    Earache got a reaction from electrolux in Looking for palm grip mouse for big hand (replacement for Func MS-3)   
    This looks pretty awesome, I will add it to my list of considerations. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Earache reacted to electrolux in Looking for palm grip mouse for big hand (replacement for Func MS-3)   
    The 3d Connexion cad mouse is pretty decent. I've found the dedicated MMB button to be surprisingly useful, and its massive, though expensive. 
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    Earache got a reaction from Tedster in What is your favourite text editor?   
    Microsoft Word
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    Earache got a reaction from Enderman in What is your favourite text editor?   
    Microsoft Word
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    Earache reacted to IGetMoreAssThanAToiletSeat in Riding in the rain sucks chode   
    I was coming home from the movie theater and the unexpected happened... It rained... The weather said it was going to be sunny all day, nope.. Luckily it wasn't too far to my house, maybe 6 or 7 km, and almost all downhill. I raced down the hill at 50kmh, the wheel whipping water and mud into my mouth and eyes, cars spraying me as they drive by... Suddenly, the rode was empty, and I had the whole 2 lanes to my self. I kicked back, relaxed put my feet on the handle bars, brought out a coke, and the next thing you know, I had cut a guy off. Where did he come from? who knows, all I know is I had to chuck my coke onto the ground take my feet off the bars and move over, and in a split second I did it. The man roared by in his jaguar giving me the death stare, I waved apologetically. The last leg of my trip before the uphill battle had come, The hill steeper than ever, I was approaching 60kmh, my mountain bike tires just screaming and water going everywhere. When I finally try to slow down, trouble strikes, my breaks, they suck major cock in the rain, so I could not slow down. I applied the brakes to full force, nothing happened. As my discs got hotter the water evaporated then before I knew it, the brakes worked, only i had them on full, I did a stoppie and stopped a mere 2 inches from the intersection, it was like a melody of car and truck horns. I decided, enough was enough. I got off the bike, stood at the bus stop and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, until several "and waiteds"  later the bus came, but it was the wrong bus. Soaked in dog shit and mud, I decided fuck it, lets ride home, and if I die, well that's better than going through this shit.I pedeled and peddled and peddled, until finally, the hill was here. I took it on strong, Ez I thought, I'll be home in no time. and finally, I got home, infront of my garage door, standing there, thinking fucking finally, and then, I forgot my keys...
    So that leads me to right now, I'm locked outside and ofcourse I can't pick the lock since it's an apartment building and there are alarms made to
    be smarter than god himself
    This story is 90% true, I did spice it up a bit, but it is true. Thanks for reading
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    Earache reacted to H4X3R in Ubisoft Is Offering The Best Deal On The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Includes 4 Free Games   
    still not a good enough deal for me lol
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    Earache got a reaction from KirbyTech in Emojipedia found new emoji icons in Windows 10. Includes skin tone nutural emoji's and middle finger   
    Emojis are icons.. Emoticons, aka Emotional Icons.
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    Earache reacted to Swndlr in Buy DDR4 ram and get Samsung 850Evo 250GB SSD Free!   
    lol that ram lookin like its fresh outta the newest dragon age game tho
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    Earache reacted to Daegun in [US-TigerDirect] Seagate Barracuda 3TB $79   
    All of you need to quit it with these. There's nothing wrong with seagate drives. As has been shown time and again, Backblaze's testing method was flawed, all they've given out is raw data with no context. These are consumer drives that have been shoved in an extremely demanding environment, crammed into pods without the best airflow, and run 24/7. An environment they are unsuited for, there is a reason enterprise grade drives are made. There is also no information on what pods the drives were put in or where they were located in the pods (older pods don't reduce vibration as well and drives in the center of the pod run hotter than the ones on the outside).
    To put it in perspective, If any drive manufacturer had failure rates that high, they would lose all contracts with any other companies and they would no longer exist. That clearly isn't the case.
    In my personal experience, I have bought a number of seagate drives. Only one was DOA, and the only one that I've had fail on me was a 750gb one that was 6 years old at the time. See? Personal experiences can differ, they don't really matter much, all hard drive makers are really about the same with comparable drives.
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    Earache reacted to Sakkura in Samsung Was The Clear Leader In SSD Shipments Last Year   
    You can (sort of) go wrong with a Samsung 840 or 840 Evo.
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    Earache reacted to TopWargamer in Liberland - the new European nation that runs off of Bitcoin   
    Source 1: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/welcome-liberland-bitcoin-national-currency/
    Source 2: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/welcome-to-liberland-europes-tiny-new-country-where-taxes-are-optional-and-youre-allowed-to-move-in-as-long-as-youre-not-a-nazi-10185477.html
    Source 3: http://www.geek.com/news/man-forms-tiny-european-nation-160000-sign-up-to-become-citizens-1620943/
    Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberland
    On April 13, 2015 a nation was declared in Europe - Liberland. Where is Liberland? It's found right between Croatia and Serbia. The new country was founded a political stunt, but it has quickly received enough support to the point where it became a real nation.

    While it is odd that a new nation is being founded in 2015, Liberland continues to do things a bit more unorthodox. First, taxes are optional. Second, there will be no military. Third, Liberland's official currency will be a cryptocurrency. Which one? All of them, although Bitcoin will more than likely be the primary source of money. 
    If you're interested, there are only a few requirements to become a citizen of Liberland:
    -Have respect for other people and respect the opinions of others, regardless of their race, ethnicity, orientation, or religion
    -Have respect for private ownership that is untouchable
    -Do not have communist, nazi or another extremist past
    -You were not punished for past criminal offenses
    But you better get in line, because over 160,000 people have signed up so far, and the land can only hold roughly 5,000 people. 
    The official Liberland website can be found here: http://liberland.org/en/main/
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    Earache reacted to ONOTech in RMA Nightmares   
    Let me remind you that not everyone writes reviews when they buy a product, and those who write bad reviews are just mad that their products were DOA. Playing favorites can help you from spotting a really good deal. Unless you're buying a Biostar motherboard or a Logysis power supply, I don't really see any reason to choose a one company over another to avoid DOA since it can happen with anything. But, those are reputable and reliable companies. Just don't let that get to your head. Good luck
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    Earache reacted to georgespamme in [Newegg] Pentium G3258 and MSI Z97 $99.99USD + $10MIR   
    Was that a typo, or do you mean that the price is falling?
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    Earache reacted to MblaZe7run in [Newegg] Pentium G3258 and MSI Z97 $99.99USD + $10MIR   
    Picking this up. It's actually the exact motherboard and processor that I was looking to use in my girlfriends build!
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    Earache got a reaction from Oktyabr in Led lighting, how important is it?   
    That's a question you should be asking yourself..
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    Earache reacted to Prastupok in Led lighting, how important is it?   
    It's only important if it's important to you. It doesn't mean anything else.
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    Earache reacted to ADZ_123_!"£ in Led lighting, how important is it?   
    lights= more swag
    lights don't = more fps
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    Earache got a reaction from Dabombinable in Murderbox Available for Preorder   
    Now you can buy this case instead of the Apple watch!
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    Earache got a reaction from DavidGordon in [Completed] Project Lumos (Black & White, Custom Mods/Case Mods)   
    I have some more mods planned, but here's how it will probably stay for a while.





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    Earache got a reaction from NeatSquidYT in US - Does this Count? - Fractal Design Define R5   
    No sorry, this doesn't count.
    The possibility of winning an auction is not a "Hot Deal"...
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    Earache got a reaction from Darkman in [US-Amazon] Samsung 850 EVO 250GB $89   
    This is a great deal but... After two of my four 840 EVO's needed to be RMA'd I won't be purchasing or recommending anymore of Samsung's SSD's.
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    Earache got a reaction from NeatSquidYT in [Worldwide (I think)] 4 Free Steam Keys!   
    Excellent, thanks!