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  1. Before I make my final decision, I'm wondering if anybody else has criticism or suggestions?
  2. Thank you for sharing! It eases my concerns about potential poor build quality.
  3. I've actually looked into this mouse based on the suggestion of another user. It looks really quite nice, but I've read some troubling reviews about the mouse breaking after less than a year. Can you speak to the reliability of this mouse?
  4. I've been checking out the Qpad 5k and 8k. Does anybody know the difference between them, or have experience with these mice?
  5. Hi Nick, thanks for the recommendation. I checked it out on the website, and noticed that there weren't any dimensions for this specific mouse. You wouldn't happen to have access to those, would you?
  6. This looks pretty awesome, I will add it to my list of considerations. Thanks for the suggestion!
  7. I love my MS-3 and I'm simply looking for a comparable replacement. It's probably right around 60% of my hand size, so that would make sense as to why I greatly appreciate the feel. I would just buy another Func if they were still around. It's really unfortunate too because the company that acquired them now just makes more boring and run of the mill "RGB gamer" stuff. I guess there just isn't a big enough market for peripherals that aren't just more of the same.
  8. The Nyth is a couple cm smaller in width, probably due to the lack of a secondary finger rest. It might actually be a decent replacement if it weren't for the "MMO" side buttons.
  9. Thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately it's a bit on the small side.
  10. Edit: I ended up going with the DM Comfy 2, frankly because it was the least expensive and seemed equivalent to the other viable options. I've been using it for a week and am quite pleased. Although it is considerably smaller in width than the Func, I've been able to quickly get used to it. The only real flaw from my perspective is that the L/R click sound is on the noisy side. Edit (07/17/2020): The scroll wheel on my DM Comfy 2 stopped working after 13 months (12 month warranty, go figure) so I picked up a 3Dconnexion CadMouse on sale for $79. After having the CadMouse for a coup
  11. You can build a closed faced shelf that would sit across the back of your desk to run wires behind. It would clean up things a great deal.
  12. Hahaha yup... Look at the title of this thread. You should go outside and play or something.