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  1. I found the answer. It was a weird glitch with the wipe. I was able attempt another wipe and it had a file called Lost and found.
  2. I think this was supposed to give me an answer (the console guide) but It did not move past that point. Not sure what that means. I tried it through the UI and it said it has no issues with damaged sectors. I was able to do a download test (1GB file size). Pictures attached. @Eigenvektor
  3. I am going to give this a shot in the morning. Thank you, for all your help. I'll give an update right after.
  4. I do not know and I don't know how to tell. I did a check and it says the drive is good to go.
  5. I finished a ext4 format to see if that would do the trick but get a similar error. I attached pictures. I hope they are legible.
  6. I have a 1TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD 2.5 for windows. I dual boot Windows and POP! OS Nvidia 21.04. I attempted to format the drive for linux gaming (the useful for both Windows and Linux option provided by POP! OS) It was FAT32 I believe (in linux). I lost power and attempted to continue the format, it finished and I can't save games to it. Steam says "insufficient space". I went back to windows and attempted to formate it there, it finished. I cannot save games for the same reason, Steam says "insufficientspace". However, I can save a word doc to it. I am pretty sure I didn't break i
  7. Ok, that is a lot more helpful. Thank you, I will appreciate it. I don't think I was very helpful with the information I have provided.
  8. I felt like I over paid for the frames and everything else didn't seem all that different from my previous monitor that died (I don't know the panel type and it was 1080 60Hz). The monitor I bought for my wife (also and LG 4k 60HZ), she is an artist for fun, seems a lot nicer and the picture quality from blacks to colors was so much better than what I was using (it was cheaper too). I am just thinking that I have no idea how to buy a gaming monitor. If that is the best it gets than I would just buy another one like hers.
  9. 500 USD seems like the norm, I will not go beyond that.
  10. I upgraded my monitor and it was great, an LG 1440 165Hz IPS. However, it was like 500 USD and I felt like I really over paid for it, so I returned it. I have read up on all this and still see the same thing all the time, "go for the frames", I am more of a picture quality and resolution first kind of guy. I mostly use it for work (reading and typing), I play platforming games, and story based games. Like Xcom, Ori, and stuff like that. 27in is great but can go smaller if that is a lot to ask 1080 to 4k is great refresh rate is not a big deal VA or IPS I don't think I care
  11. Yes, I just installed an SSD from a hard drive.
  12. This is a little unique. I am attempting to upgrade my old laptop to make it faster. I want to know will upgrading RAM speed improve my laptop performance? NOTE: It has an Intel i7-8550U (4 core), 16GB RAM (one stick, one unoccupied) @ 2400 MHz. BTW: I use this PC with a monitor and I multitask. I will have a lot of programs and tabs open at once.
  13. Isn't that a drawing tablet? I got one for my wife but she never uses it. I used to get her tech but it just collects dust so I said forget it.
  14. I have a MSI mother board. I have a separate budget for both of those that I have had for a while. I just have extra money now that I would like to get something better for the system. Maybe better cooling or something. I don't have anything other than the one case fan.
  15. It looks like it would fit. Double check the detentions of the card but if you have it faced down it should be fine.